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Topic: The Gym  (Read 4943 times)
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« on: September 01, 2004, 09:10:45 AM »

Man i'am glad i joined the gym! i was in the shower this morning and just starting to soap myself up and clean my foreskin when i got a little carried away a started jacking off my fat 7 inch uncut man meat  and was not paying attention that 2 other guys had come in the shower room and were stripping down to shower i glanced up and saw taat they were both looking at me but still shagging there clothes of the both dropped their jock straps and i couldnot believe there was 2 big meat poles hangging there both uncut one was a real hook dick aboutb 6" soft but with hang um low nuts as big as plums in a shaved smooth ball sack, the other guy had a 8" piece of man meat that i sweare was as big around as a beer can and a tight nut sack but big he was shaved smooth except for a nice trimmed patch of black hair above his meat they both came into the shower and started to shower and then both of them started to shave thier ball bags and all around there meat poles it was really hot watching them pull their big dicks this way and that to give them there shave jobs one guy also cocked his leg up on the shower wall and shaved around his ass hole and ass crack i just keep on staring and jacking my meat off and the just acted like i wasnt even there it was really hot when they pulled on their foreskins sraight up so they could really shave the underneath of their meat poles i blew a load so long and hard from watching this big dick uncut dick show that i was proud off how much cum i dumped on the floor to let them know i dug watching then trim those monster man meat poles i hope whoever gets to suck and blow those 2 pieces of uncut foreskin beauty appriciate how thsese guys take care of their man meat and the guys in the shower that get to watch them  put on a go0od show!
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« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2009, 05:07:43 PM »

I know others get a kick out of seeing me completely shaved because they either have not seen a completely shaved cock or affraid to shave thier own.  I go to the gym daily and shower with other guys.  I get lots of lookers especially when I lather up and do my shaving there.  I like to poke a finger into my foreskin and and use the surounding fingers to hold onto the foreskin and stretch it.  Then I shave with the other hand.
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