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Topic: Talking to women about my foreskin!  (Read 14027 times)
« on: July 24, 2008, 05:01:19 AM »

I enjoy talking about sex with women especially. I'm straight and talking about my foreskin with women gets me off. I was working with this girl who was attracted to me. You know we had an attraction she always smiled when she saw me.  That day we happed to be working together.  The conversation went form clubbing, and drinking to sex. She told me that went it comes to sex she and her friend had done everything.  Just out of curiosity and horniness, I asked her "have you played with foreskin?" She was suprised and no I have not. I told her "I'm surprised you must have sumbled on an uncircumsiced cock. The foreskin is the skin that covers the head of the penis that is not circumcised."   I proudly told her that my foreskin was large enough to cover my penis when I'm still erect, and that my head barely peeks out. I could tell she was liking what she was hearing. To which I added  I like my uncircumcised look, my penis looks like he pumps iron. You can see one big vein going along the side, and my penis looks fat, and buff. I told her I'm not huge but I'm fat. When I pull my foreskin I look similar to a circusiced guy.  That's when I asked her would you like to try it?  She was stunend at my question to wich she replied " we can't right now since we work toghether, but when we work in different departments, or places we can definetly go for it." I like working with her, and she is a good friend so I did not pushed it any more. We joke and flirt about my turtle neck, but at the moment we are at a stand still.   
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« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2008, 05:24:11 PM »

The greatest porn movie ever would be of a guy explaining to a small audience of women how his foreskin looks and works, then for them to take turns learning "hands on" what it feels like.
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« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2008, 06:37:26 AM »

Your story is very nice, except for your referring to your "uncircumcised" penis.
You are not uncircumcised, just as you are not undead.
You are intact, natural, and if you are un-anything, you are unmutilated.
Incidentally, I grew up in a community where intact penises are the norm. The guys with the circumcised penises were the ones which feel left out (and terribly deprived!). Therefore girls here would just assume that you are intact and would be surprised if you are indeed circumcised.
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« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2009, 10:12:31 AM »

After I met my wife, We enjoyed talking to other men, women or couples about my foreskin.  Before I met my wife, I was embarrassed and shy when around other women.  Especially in a new relationships when I was in School.  I was an athlete and all the other guys were circumcised on the team.  They openly teased me as a friend but not to be cruel.  We passed around or picked up other team mates girl friends we dumped etc.  We all knew the girls that hung out with us liked to jump around between all the other guys on the team.

My experiences were difficult being that I was the only intact guy on the team besides a few losers who were ugly or too shy to even try.  The girls came from boyfriend's who were circumcised so when it came to showing or having sex the first time, I would always retract my foreskin.  It would work for a minute until my frenulum took control and rolled it forward again.  The girls didn't know what to do with it and I had to show them how it worked.  It was too much trouble holding it back because it was the only way I could get them to stroke, suck or play with it.  Once word got around to the other girls, I felt I became a freak show that every girl had to get with me in order to check me out and then move on.  I got frustrated and the other guys knew it and stopped teasing me while in the shower.

It was the same reaction and surprise up to the point when I met my wife.  Only with her I tried a different approach.  I was trying to save time and the agony by bringing up the circumcision subject to open the door.  To my surprise, she said that she didn't understand circumcision and had some foreskin knowledge.  She told me she baby sat for families and ran across an infant that was uncircumcised.  The parents told her how to care for it when changing his diaper to ensure she didn't try and retract it to clean it etc.  I latter learned that her parents where German and that her father and brothers were uncircumcised.  She bathed with her brothers when they were young and caught her father from time to time while going in and out of the shower.  Had a couple discussions with her mother but had never been sexual active with any guys.  I was her first sexual partner.

I felt relaxed around her and we both experimented with my foreskin and tried different things together.  We both learned that it gave us both sexual pleasures from it.  We married and had a boy and girl.  We were proud parents to leave our son intact.  So proud she would tell her pregnant girlfriends not to circumcise their baby boys and inform them that it's there for both pleasures.

This topic really took off one summer when we were on an all adult house boat trip for a week.  The guys all took off to water ski and wake board while the women all laid out sunbathing.  While we were out, the women got into a heated discussion about circumcision.  My wife found the opportunity to give it to the girls good.  She told them how we met and we didn't cut our son etc.  Then the topic focused on our sex life that lead to telling them her detailed experiences we had with my foreskin.  The word got back to the other husbands and by the end of the week got all the couples so involved and curious that she worked on a plan to continue their education and curiosity by finding the right time to put me on display.  We were all drunk and they all joked about wanting to see it so my wife whispered in my ear and then proceeded to pull down my shorts.  A couple of months before, I just had started to shave completely.  I stood there With my cock bare soft and scared, my loose and abundant foreskin bunched up at the tip.  I could feel every ones eyes glued on my cock.  Some of the women commented on the shave job to their husbands and reached out to feel the smoothness.  My wife narrating as she continued to tug and pull on my foreskin getting me hard.  She retracted my foreskin and pointed out the frenulum and how much pleasure it gives me.  The trigger mechanism that gets cut off and removed during circumcision.  Once it's gone it can not be replaced.  She moved it back and forth slowly and effortless.  Showed them how it is the best of both worlds for us.  If we wanted it to be circumcised, she would strip it tightly back off the glans.  If she wanted it uncircumcised, pull it forward to concentrate on the foreskin.  She informed them of circumcision and how it's done and what is cut off.  The different techniques and styles available that one can chose during adult circumcisions.  High versus low circ scars etc.  The guys took a special interrest as the women did because they have never owned a foreskin.  They began to realise what they have lost and will never experience.  By the end of the night, I think every one got a chance to grab, view and stroke my cock but my wife got her reward.
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« Reply #4 on: January 26, 2009, 03:06:08 PM »

UCEDHM40: your account  sounds like a plot summary of a porn flick, were it not that your spouse is 100% German. Northern and central
Europeans are a lot less prudish and squeamish that we English speakers are. I also wonder if Northern Europeans are not the most foreskin sophisticated
people on earth.

Speaking of porn flicks, I am confident that porn videos structured along the lines of your narrative will be available by 2020. And they will
be scripted and directed by women. Over the past 40 years, the self-understanding of women with respect to their private parts has
dramatically increased. (the heroine here is Betty Dodson, not Eve Ensler.) And that rising sophistication bodes well for the future of the
foreskin. The foreskin is perhaps the most feminine detail on the male privates, and it should appeal to a lot of women.

I have candidly discussed my foreskin with only two women. One I've been married to for 20 years. She had at least 3 intact lovers before meeting me,
and told me that she never saw what the point of routine circ was. The other was a nonpracticing Jewish girl I was very hot over. I finally wrote to her
about my dilemma: I want you but am uncircumcised, and I fear that Jewish girls cannot stomach sex with an intact penis. She wrote back saying
that she read my letter to her closest Jewish girl friend, after which they had a heart to heart talk. They both decided that the idea of rejecting or
preferring a sex partner because he had or did not have a foreskin had NEVER crossed their minds. How shallow! How limiting! They hoped to marry Jewish men, but they saw absolutely nothing wrong with being involved with intact goys before marriage. This raises the stark possibility that secular Jewish girls
with a commitment to progressive human values are perhaps more foreskin positive than your typical gentile sorority chick, whose reaction to uncut
is "Eww gross!"

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« Last Edit: May 14, 2009, 05:09:19 PM by monica » Logged
« Reply #5 on: January 26, 2009, 03:31:36 PM »

To Major4Skin:

I'm straight and talking about my foreskin with women gets me off.
ME. Me too, but only one women ever sees me hard, my wife!

"I think that the penis was the ugliest part of the male body, with the exception when the penis is not circumcised. I enjoy watching the head come out of the skin as the skin is being pulled back."
ME. The Internet has made it a lot easier for women to discover this for themselves.

"would you like to see my foreskin"
ME. Where I live and work, saying that could get you fired. would not be a good thing since we both work on the same department, and we see each other every day.
ME. I agree with her. I believe that what you did put your friendship with her at risk.

So I used this story to justify me showing my uncircumcised foreskin to her.
ME. I would not be proud of admitting that, you rogue!

...she responded by telling my how she likes to look at uncircumcised penises when they are flaccid, because you can really see the foreskin cover the head really well, and that most uncircumcised penises she has seen did not have any foreskin covering the head when they got hard. They look circumcised when they had a full erection, and that she enjoyed seeing the head peeking out of the foreskin.
ME. True, but I can think of only two situations when a woman is willing to talk that way to a man. (1) They are in a committed relationship. (2) She
wants to get into your pants.

She then asked me how does my penis looked flaccid?
ME. Here you should have taken some digicam pics, uploaded them to a "Rate My..." site, and then sent her the link!

It makes me mad that some men don't clean their uncircumcised penises and that this gives uncircumcised guys the stereotype of being unhygienic.
ME. Right on!! Wash, guys!

It seems that by us having talked about something as personal as my foreskin brought us closer as friends,
ME. You are lucky you got away with this. Mind you, if she is over 35 and has had many lovers, she could be one tough self-assured dame. While my term
for the likes of her is "foreskin fetishist," I don't intend that to be derogatory!

I have read posts on other sites by young women curious about where they can find uncut flesh. Your friend evidently has a "source"!
The answer is probably very easy. Go to a city or college campus, and look for men with skin colour or foreign accents. If they aren't
Moslem or Israeli, they are probably intact. Europeans are a very safe bet. Years ago, I knew Bengalis who told me that they catered
to young American women who wanted an uncut one night stand.
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« Last Edit: May 14, 2009, 05:12:22 PM by monica » Logged
« Reply #6 on: January 26, 2009, 03:55:58 PM »

In the USA, for a man to discuss his circumcision status with a woman he's not involved with is about the most intensely sexual conversation
topic there is, among topics that are not seriously distasteful for other reasons.

In the rest of the world, the woman's reaction would be "That's nice. What else?"

I argue that the foreskin and glans are the most intensely sexual and private parts of the male body. The foreskin is a major part of a man's equipment for experiencing and giving pleasure. A lot of USA gay men have a foreskin fetish. American women have only started walking down this road, but I am onfident that their numbers will grow over the next 30 years. The foreskin should be one of the most appealing aspects of the intimate male body.
All too many American women would find foreskin talk deeply offensive, either because they find the foreskin gross, or intensely sexual.

I don't discuss my status with blokes either. Doing so 25 years ago cost me a good but foreskin phobic American friend.

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« Reply #7 on: January 30, 2009, 08:14:48 AM »

Because 4skin has been so rare in the past in the States, I've found women here are either phobic or fetishistic about them--hate or love, em. 
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