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Topic: Frenulum  (Read 9466 times)
« on: July 18, 2008, 06:55:41 PM »

Hi Guys !

   The frenulum is the piece of skin under the glans, which attach the foreskin to the glans, behind the meatus (pee hole). The frenulum is offen cut during circumcision, but not always.

    But the frenulum is frequently rip, or cut "naturally"  during masturbation or intercourse ...

« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2008, 07:06:34 PM »

So ... I would know your experiences about "natural" frenulum rip or torn experiences. If you had a natural frenulum rip, can you tell us here, what are the conditions and circumtances of rip (sexual intercourse, anal intercourse, masturbation, age when rip appens, if it was painfull or/and blood vessel ) and if your cut or uncut ...

I would know too, if you have exemples of guys who have "cut" themself their frenulum with traditionnal method (Flywisk method, forced method, wino method ...)

Many thanks for your stories ... 
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2008, 02:51:25 AM »

Actually when I was about 18  and trying to pass for cut I cut my frenulum a little at a time so that it would allow my foreskin to stay back so that I would look circumcised ( like all my family and friends were)
 But my foreskin is kind of long so at nite when I went to bed  the skin would still come back over the head and cover it .

Now I lament the fact that my frenulum is not intace and that I didnt proudly display my natural penis infront of others then like I do now.  The small cutting I did just let the frenulum lenthen and really didnt change it much, but I never had it bleed with intercourse or masterbation
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« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2009, 04:33:16 PM »

I was 18 at the time and was experimenting / masturbating with my first penis pump.  Little did I know, the cylinder was a little small to accommodate my circumference.  As I was using it, I noticed as I increased the suction, the cylinder would engulf my penis and slide down towards my balls.  At the same time, it would retract my foreskin further and further back.  I have done this many times and realized it helped to stretch my frenulum.  After a couple months, I got into a heavy masturbation session and got carried away.  I went over board on the suction because the strong suction was tightly pulling and stretching my frenulum and it was taking me over the edge of cumming inside the tube.  Something I have never done before.  I had always pulled out and watched as I ejaculated on my stomach and chest.  As I continued to pump, I had shot my cum inside the tube and at the same time felt a pop and the tube engulf my entire shaft into the tube and burying the end deep into my pubic bone and balls.  I realized what had happened when I noticed blood mixed with semen.  I quickly removed the tube and inspected my frenulum.  The tube had stretched my frenulum to it's tearing point and had torn my frenulum half way down to the base of the underside of my glans.  Worried, I cleaned myself up the best I could and headed down to the emergency room. 

I explained to the nurse that I tore it while having sex with my girlfriend.  The doctor examined me and told me that it could not be sewn back because it will tear again and to my surprise gave me the choice of cutting the rest down to the bottom of the glans to ease full retraction or full circumcision removing the foreskin along with the frenulum.  At that point I knew I didn't want my foreskin cut off or any more of my frenulum.  After all, I quickly learned that it was the stretching of my frenulum that would trigger my ejaculations.  I questioned him to give me info on both and he stated that cutting the frenulum back was common and done all the time.  Where circumcision was irreversible and a personal preference and explained while using my cock and foreskin as an example.  He showed me what parts are removed for high and low circ freehand or assisted with tools and clamps and the out come of each procedure.  It was the first time talking about circumcision with some one handling my cock made me erect.  I couldn't hide it from the doctor that circ talk and the thought of losing it forever would become a fetish for me.  As much as it turned me on, I opted to just have the frenulum cut back for full retraction.  He got the circ tools put away and replaced them with a scalpel and needle and thread.  I watched as he numbed the area and began to cut back the remaining attached frenulum.  Sewn in a couple of dissolvable stitches then cleaned and bandaged me up. 

It healed in 1 week and in 2 weeks I was back to masturbating with my new cock.  My foreskin was tight from the shock but with a little manipulating, I was able to fully retract my foreskin all the way back with no restrictions.  Before it would pull the tip downward but it remained straight and erect.  I admired how clean and smooth the underside looked.  I looked tightly circumcised when fully retracted.  I was never ever able to wear my foreskin retracted.  My glans had never been freed from staying trapped inside the foreskin.  In time, I did notice the glans had expanded and wasn't pointy but blossomed and became full and thick.  This caused a tightness problem kinda like phimosis issues that caused little tearing at the tip of my foreskin that hurt like hell.

Another trip back to the doctor and this time I was afraid the only option would be circumcision since option 1 was already done.  He had mentioned he had the same issue (he was uncut too) and he had found that with some ointment and finger stretching with normal daily masturbation would fix my problem.  Finger stretching?  Show me I said and he began to show me using his fingers on my foreskin.  2 fingers inside and he was pulling and tugging.  He said to work with 2 then 3, then 4.  The more I was able to stretch the better it would be to allow the glans to fully expand.  I said my glans was expected to expand more?  He said he worked his up to 6 fingers inside in order to keep his fully covered and unrestricted when he was erect.  I don't remember me asking him if I could see and before I could snap out of it, he had his cock out and showing me with a full on demonstration.  explaining that he couldn't fully demonstrate on my tight and sore foreskin.  He was erect and showed me how much of an overhang he had and how easy his retracted.  Fully retracted, I got to see how big his glans had expanded.  He had a big and thick knob.  He pulled his foreskin back forward and started out inserting 2 fingers stretched pulled and tugged and then worked to 4 then 5 and then six while pulling and tugging in between adding more fingers.  He finally stood there with 6 fingers shoved deep inside his foreskin.

I couldn't wait to get home and start stretching.  I enjoyed stretched every day and found it easier while taking a shower.  I was determined to get 6 of my own fingers into my foreskin.  It only took me a couple of weeks.

Till this day, I still continue to use a cock pump and no matter how much it pulls back my foreskin, it will take my entire cock with no frenulum hang ups.  Using the pump really made my cock head expand.  Under my foreskin you can see the big knob.  I love to watch it as I slowly retract and watch how my foreskin hugs the knob.  Then watch it slide over down and behind the corona.  Snapping behind the head and slowly disappear down my shaft.
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2009, 08:09:21 PM »

Many thanks UCEDHM40 for your very interested, excited and surprised story ! I think that this experiment was an important moment for you, for your sexuality fetichism and fantasies.   wink

It is a great pity all doctors are not so educator that yours ! Did you stay in relation with him ? He would receive a medal for his great teaching !  biglaugh

« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2009, 01:56:15 PM »

So I will describe my method times as I've removed my Frenulum. Everyone must of course know what he wants.
The Frenulum praeputii remove (frenulektomie) I can only recommend. The advantages are:
1. The foreskin can move further back, it is a major hub for the possible and masturbation, the foreskin is moving.
2. The penis looks better, because the foreskin folds almost pull it backwards.
3. The penis is a much better clean.
I have the Frenulum with three interventions themselves completely removed by the following method.
Prerequisite is clean and sterile, ie Hands and penis thoroughly wash and sterilize the intervention agency.
First, I have the penis for about 5 min in ice water bath, then you notice the cut not. After the sterilization of Frenulums I used a sharp pair of scissors (With a pair of scissors can not slip) the Frenulum in the middle up to the glans (glans) lower passing through.
It bleeds a little, do not panic. Next, I have a sterile gauze rolls inserted into the wound and the foreskin closed (wound glued otherwise). Then I took the foreskin with a sticking plaster strips and a sealed condom pulled over, if still little blood comes out (which was not the case).
The next morning, I cautiously opened the foreskin, (the bleeding had stopped) and urinates after further disinfect the wound, a new gauze rolls and brought back the foreskin closed. But as I patch the booklet easy to urinate can open. After a week the wound has healed so well that I could resist gently masturbate. Incidentally pain are limited is easily bearable.
After a few months after the wound had healed well, I have only the rest of the Frenulum on the Glans bottom
, and after the well was healed on the inside of the foreskin in the same way away. Ultimately, I have, so to speak, a triangle cut out. With the result, I am very satisfied. The operation is now 30 years back, so I think this can be assessed.
« Reply #6 on: December 01, 2009, 12:33:14 AM »

Like UCEDHM40 above, my frenulum tore about 20 y/o from a vigorous J/O session(s)...but i liked the effect, the foreskin was able to be retracted behind the rim of the glans - so over the next 2 years I just helped by a little nick to extend the frenulum. By all means the frenulum is' still there, but the loosening of the 'G' string sure aided retraction of the foreskin - allowing the tip of the hood to fold back nearly to the cock base. To me it also greatly enhanced my self pleasures and the insertion when available. Oral sex is sensational pleasures and to insert a wet finger and massage the head under the foreskin is such pleasure that one howls with delight.
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