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Topic: Childhood Stories  (Read 2578 times)
« on: May 03, 2008, 05:22:30 PM »

No matter what I went to the dr for he always had me stand and worked my skin and stretched it . My Dad and some of his friends were always kneading my skin and working it and stretching it; it felt wonderful and I enjoyed being naked in front of these grown clothed men and always was hard with them. I never thought about cleaning myself until my circumcized Dad would take me into his study everynight, strip me and pull my skin all the way back (I don't remember its not ever retracting) and I would get hard and we could both see and smell all the cheese, which thrilled me but filled me with dread cause he would slap me and whip me severely. If he were really angry he cleaned me with dry gauze and I would scream and cry and beg and tremble all over and pee. Usually though I had to shwr with him everynight for him to clean me. He stood with his back to the water shielding me and his huge cock with big cut head hanging in my face just mesmerized me, he would grin when I reached up to feel of it and then turn me around so I was leaning back into it and He would lean over me and pull my skin all the way back and I'd get hard and he would rub his wet fingers up and down my supersensitive little erection and I'd be dancing around til he popped me one where he had whipped me and I had to stand there trembling and whimpering til he was through with me. He never used soap on my uncut cock, but I wondered at his soapimg up and stroking his huge cut cock for me. He would later lay me on my bed naked and work my skin and stretch it before he slid his thick rough finger under there and rubbed my ultrasensitive glans around and around til he had my whole body vibrating and he'd lean over me his hairy body tickling my smooth boy body and kiss me and lick my smooth flat boy chest. It was very erotic and I loved the attention and the physical touching and it made us very close and I never thought anything about it until people started freaking when I finally told some of the things we did.
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