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January 23, 2019, 04:42:51 AM
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Topic: 2nd foreskin experience  (Read 2505 times)
« on: April 23, 2008, 04:26:57 PM »

I guess I had just turned 16.  I worked part time in a grocery store stacking crates of bottles.  This was when soft drink companies actually used glass bottles and they recycled them,  not a bad idea for today's times.  Anyway I had  a motorcycle to get around.  We had this older customer that I'de say was in his 40's that tipped very well for doing almost nothing.  He would ask me to get the bottles out of his car and stack them in the back rather than him bringing them in.  One day he asked if I would like to do some yard work for some extra money and of course,  my motorcycle was always breaking and I always needed extra money to buy parts so I agreed and went to his place.  He was in fact a care taker of an estate and lived by himself.  He had some easy tasks one of which was picking huge mangos.  Later he asked if i would like to go swimming but since I did not bring any trunks,  he loaned me a pair of his.  Of course,  my 29 inch waste was no match for his 36 incher so I had to hold them up.  After the swim,  he offered to rub my back which after all the tree climbing and such,  sounded good.  At first,  it was just  remove my shirt but then the trunks were pulled down a bit to work the lower back,  Then the trunks came down a bit more until they were all the way off and I was completely naked.  To my surprise,  I was sporting a nice boner for such a small guy but I tried to stay laying stomach down onthe sheets to avoid embarassment.  Little by little though, he would work his warm hands and lotion over my ass adn then on to my legs and inner thighs then before I know what was comming,  he reached up, grabbed my dick and pulled it down between my legs.  From this, he was able to lick the tender underside and remnants of my severed frenelum and it felt so good but he did not suck me off as i came prematurely.  The second time he asked for yard help, I came right over but we did not go to the yard.  He asked me for a back rub so I eagerly agreed and as he got undressed,  I was pleasantly surprised that he was uncut. His dick was slightly smaller than mine and his foreskin did not fully cover his head.  We ended up in a 69 position and he immediately latched on to my throbbing member already oozing precum.  I, on the other hand,  was too busy checking out his tool.  I noticed that the head was slick and darker colored where  the foreskin normally covered it and that the tip was somewhat weathered, faded and wrinkled like mine where it did not normally cover the head.  I loved stroking his dick up and down and watching the skin fold over itself.  Apparently it was working for him because he grabbed his dick and poked it into my mouth.  I used my lips to lock on to the foreskin and rolled the skin up and down the shaft.  It was not long before what ever he was doing to my cock was making it ready to explode and I let go.  I can't describe the feeling of a good blow job and cumming in a man's mouth.  He let go with his load and I was not exactly expecting it but kept stroking his unmutilated man tool with my lip lock until it was soft.  I used to stop by to see him now and then for several years all total,  we enjoyed each other's cocks about 25 years.  I miss him.  I never met anyone that could give as good head as he did. 
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