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Topic: Foreskin Fascination  (Read 1438 times)
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« on: September 08, 2016, 06:48:39 AM »

In the first week of infant school playtimes were a steep learning curve in the lavatory procedure department.  The boys toilet was in a brick built affair with a slate roof and exposed internal timber roof beams, built across the playground from the main building.  The toilet was a rectangular room with a wall to pee against.  The wall was long enough for 4 or 5 small boys to pee at the same time and it was at one end of the room.  It was black from the gutter at floor level to about half way up and then above it was bare brick up to the roof joists.  On the opposite wall from the pee wall there was a single wash basin and a towel machine below some frosted glass windows.  The floor was concrete and sloped slightly to drain into the gutter.

On the first morning playtime there was the first year infants looking lost on their first day at school and the second year infants who had been there for a whole year and knew the ropes.  When we were let out to play there was an obvious rush to the toilets by the second year boys, all 12 or 14 of them, and then the about the same number of first year boys followed behind.  As I approached the toilet block there seemed to be some organisation going on.  Apparently it was not just a matter of "pointing percy" there was a competition being organised to see who could pee the highest up the wall.  Boys were being allowed to the front, 2 at a time where they would each try to pee higher up the wall than the other lad.  Fascinated, I watched as the boys pulled out their cocks, took aim and peed as hard as they could.  The boy organising the sport was right at the front watching and noting how high the pee marked the wall.  Each lad was given a score by the number of rows of bricks reached.  If the pee didn't get above the black part of the wall it was a no score as was aiming too high and raining in your own hair!  Various techniques were being used.  Quite a few boys just pointed and peed, nothing to note there.  A couple of others pinched the ends or their foreskins and both ballooned up and pissed a fine squirt in generally the right direction.  This was quite exciting, seeing half a cock expand to twice the normal diameter, but control was not good and there was a few wet shoes, wet shorts and and wet jumpers.  The most exciting technique for me was those that pulled back their skins.  Some only exposed a bit of glans, some got all the way to the corona.  As the skin was drawn back the purple head was pulled down by what I now know as the frenulum which seemed to tighten the piss slit and produce a better jet of pee although the angle of aim was made lower.  I had never seen anything like it before, I had no idea that could be done.  What really turned me on (although I had no idea what being turned on was) was the the sight of the skin peeling back over the head and exposing the purple glans, it really set my mind racing.  I even started to get the first stirrings of my first erection, I was dry in the mouth and felt a bit flushed and embarrassed as I didn't know what was going on in my shorts.  I wondered if I could pull back my own skin, I wondered how it would feel if I could, if it would go back over the end or get stuck.  I didn't want to try to and risk failing in front of the crowd of spectators so I slipped outside and went to play.  Soon the boys all came out, the competition was over and then I went in for a pee.  As I went back to the toilet block my mind was racing.  Thoughts of purple heads all different shapes and sizes, tugging frenulums and rolling skins was keeping my cock semi hard.  When I untangled it from my undies and pointed it out it was bigger than I had ever seen it before.  My foreskin, which usually had a good overhang beyond my head, was partly drawn back so I could just see a bit of piss slit previously hidden away.  I was bursting to pee but still a bit unsure, never having been partly erect before.  I attempted, gently, to pull my skin back a bit more but it was too tight to shift, the stimulation caused a bit more of an erection and it became uncomfortable to tug on it.  Wary of anyone coming in an catching me I turned away from the door and tried to pee.  I was finding that touching my cock was exciting it more so I just let it go hands free, pointing a little higher than horizontal, and slowly, uncertainly, I was able to start peeing.  The flow built up and eventually I was done.  It felt different to normal, the pee really squirting out hard and not tickling the inside of my overhang as it usually did.

It was all too much, too exciting, too eye opening.  The events of the first playtime went round and round in my mind and I couldn't wait until the dinner break to go play again.  At lunchtime we were all sent to wash our hands and then went straight in for lunch.  After lunch I went back around to the toilet block and found that another competition was being organised, this time it was distance peeing.  Boys were going one at a time and, standing between the wash basin and towel machine with shoulders leaning on the wall, they were attempting to pee as far across the floor as possible.  As it was long ways in the room there was enough space for a row of onlookers down each side, the further from the competitor you were the greater the chance of accidental splashing but nobody seemed to worry.  If the pee jet got as far as the pee wall then everyone clapped.  I decided to join in this time.  The effects of free school milk, drinking water with lunch and the effects of peeing with a semi earlier gave me the confidence to let it go without fear of ridicule.  By the time it was my turn I really was turned on having seen another round of purple heads, sliding skins and hard pissing.  My semi erection made my cock look quite big and I was complimented on the size.  I didn't pee the furthest but as a first year beginner in the competition I was made to feel part of the gang.

The rest of the schoolday was spent with the exciting visions still going around in my mind.  As soon as I got home I went into the toilet and dropped my shorts and tried to pull back my foreskin.  As soon as I tried it went back a bit but the excitement took hold and I started to get erect and then my head grew bigger and the amount of pull back was reduced.  Later, when I had my bath I tried again, same result, then in bed, same result.  I was starting to get a bit worried that I might not be normal but I did remember that quite a few boys didn't pull their skins back at all so I decided that maybe some could and some couldn't, perhaps it didn't matter.  None of the boys was cut, but that was quite normal for the UK in the 60s.

The following days were much the same, sometimes height competitions, sometimes distance competitions, every day the excitement going around in my mind.  Seeing all of those sliding foreskins and purple heads left me in a state of constant partial arousal.  The gentle pulling back on my foreskin but not revealing my head was still troubling me.  As I got to know the boys I did ask some of those that never seemed to pull back their skins if they could and I found that quite a number admitted it was a problem.  There was a mutual relief at this time, they all thought that they were the only one that couldn't do it.  It was decided that when the peeing competition was over we should all compare how far we could pull back our skins and show how much head we could expose.  One poor lad had barely a pinhole at the end and could not show any purple head at all, the rest showed various amounts.  As we were doing this one of the second year boys, who could reveal all the way back to the corona, came in and started to show off his purple head.  When questioned he admitted that it was only recently that he had succeeded in getting the skin back that far, in the first year it had been impossible.  It was still a bit tight when soft and impossible when starting to get erect. His elder brother had told him to only try to pull it back, gently, when he was in a warm bath and only if he was completely soft.  As soon as any sign of erection happens stop pulling.  Following that advise I was eventually, about 2 years later, able to get my skin back as far as the corona myself.  I found that at that point the frenulum was really tight.  I was still getting erections every time I even thought about pulling back my skin but now they were rock solid and pointing skywards which didn't help the task.  Eventually the skin relaxed and I was able to get it off the head when erect but the frenulum still restrained it.  By this time I had moved on to the junior school where the toilets were all very modern.  They didn't have urinals at all, just little cubicle toilets which didn't encourage any of the play we enjoyed at the infant school.  I rarely got to see any other foreskins for a year or two after that but when puberty kicked in the move to a high school opened the door to more chances.

I have been fascinated by foreskins ever since those eye opening events more than 50 years ago.
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« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 09:37:29 AM »

At the time you mention, more than 50 years, the development of foreskin retraction was not well known.

We now know that almost all infant boys are born with non-retractable foreskins. As the boy ages, the foreskin gradually becomes more retractable. By age 10, about 50 percent of boys can retract their foreskins and by age 18, about 97 percent can retract their foreskin.  Many boys develop retractable foreskins only after the onset of puberty.

It is totally normal for boys to have non-retractable foreskins. It is not a disease, does not cause problems, and does NOT require surgical intervention.
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Uncut Guy
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