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October 18, 2018, 05:14:17 PM
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Topic: The curious gym teacher  (Read 1156 times)
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« on: September 30, 2015, 07:07:38 PM »

When I was in Junior High School the coach made us all take showers regardless.  Same situation on the first shower day.  I hung back to see what the guys had and the ones getting in had no problem as they were all circumcised.  There may have been a hand full of uncut kids in the mix but they probably had their foreskins pulled back to look cut because I have seen a few of them before and I could have sworn that they had a foreskin one day and not the next.  Anyways I stuck to my shyness and always waited to be the last one in the shower.  The coach wasn't stupid and made sure everyone got wet before they can get a towel.  After we were done we had to walk up to the towel room and get a towel from the coach.  Most of the boys would make their way to the window and the coach would throw them a towel so they wouldn't have to walk all the way there.  When I was done I noticed he made me walk all the way up to the window and only then he would hand me a towel.  Because my foreskin wouldn't stay back behind the head it was long and would slap against my leg making a skin slapping noise as I walked quickly up to the door.  It felt weird at first but as the year went by I got use to him staring between my legs almost in a trance watching a pendulum swing from left to right.  We all had to take up wrestling and of course he was our coach.  At the last 15-20 minutes left we did a free for all wrestling and he would get in on the mix.  Most of the time it was all of us stock piling on top of him.  I was in the mix one day just doing my own thing and then I felt a hand thrust up my shorts.  I was pinned and could barely move and couldn't look back to see who it was putting their hands up my shorts.  Whoever it was knew that I had a foreskin because he had it and was pulling hard on the tip.  Last year of school several of us worked as teachers helpers and we were allowed to have a few and it counted towards our grades and was known to be a walk in the park easier than a class that sent you home with homework.  I was a teacher's aid for PE and low and behold I was his assistant.  The teachers were allowed to take showers only if a class was not in session, locker room closed etc.  A few times while logging times in a time sheet etc it got quiet in there and wondered where the teacher went.  I dropped what I was doing and ventured thought the locker room to hear the shower running.  I knew it was him and I couldn't help myself to spy on him.  I wanted to see what he had between his legs as he saw and knew what I had for 2 years now.  I was quiet and watched and finally he spun around to get the soap out of his hair and I saw an average size but thick cock.  The head was huge and fully exposed because he was tightly circumcised.  When ever it got quiet and he disappeared I knew he was in the shower and for some reason I had to go and spy on him.  Well I finally got caught and I was speechless.  He broke the silence saying it's only fair that I see him since he has always seen me.  I got brave enough to ask him what he was thinking when I was walking up to get a towel from him as I always saw where his eyes were.  He said he was upset that his parents had him circumcised and was always curious about foreskins.  I got him to admit to pulling on my foreskin during wrestling class.  He turned red and shook his head.  My little cock became hard in my pants and it was hurting.  As weird as it seemed my cock got hard from it all.  It became awkward the next couple of days but I found myself thinking about different scenarios on what I wanted to do to go further during my nightly masturbation sessions.  I couldn't jack off anymore thinking about it as I was running out of scenarios in my head.  The next day I just came out and asked him if he would like to check out my foreskin and see how far it would go from there.  The first couple of days it was him playing with my foreskin moving it back and forth real quick trying not to get caught.  Then next week it went from stroking to pulling and stretching.  I wanted to feel and play with his circumcised cock.  It was small but it was real thick.  I couldn't get my hands around it and the head was huge, dry and calloused.  During the last couple of months To end my final year there he stopped playing with my foreskin and would resort to quickly getting down on his knees and sucked on my long foreskin.  Every time we played he would jack himself off and would shoot loads of cum into the handy gym towels before sending them off to laundry.
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native tex
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2015, 03:17:13 AM »

very hot story! Evil
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