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Topic: Pubic Swimming...  (Read 4394 times)
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« on: September 01, 2004, 09:08:04 AM »

A couple of years ago I used to visit the public swimming-bath in a medium-sized German town where I was working for several months. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there always was a very handsome young guy, about 25 years old with beautiful blond hair and blue eyes, a scandinavian type so to speak.
We frequently met at the showers, i.e. I deliberately waited for him to go to the showers and followed him a little later.
Of course I chose the cabin opposite to his, and it didn't take long until both of us got a boner in our swim suits. He wore a rather tiny lycra one which showed the contours
of its content in a very definite and appealing way. You could see the huge balls and a nice big uncut dick very good. When his dick became aroused the piece of fabric was too
small, and his uncut dick popped out.
This was really fun, and we kept on looking at each other, our growing bulges under the hot shower, while the other
visitors didn't notice anything. It was just clear for the two
of us that we liked to produce ourselves in our speedos,
and we only took them off, when the erection was moderate.

After the shower we went to the changing cabins to dry and
put on our ordinary clothes. After some weeks I noticed that
the blond guy left his door ajar, just standing there in his
white briefs and combing his hair. He then used his body
lotion, noticing of course all the time that I was watching
him. He also put some lotion under his brief, and very soon
his dick became hard and upright causing his balls to hang
out of the leg opening. I myself was so horny that I could
only jack off using my speedo to prevent stains on the wall.
The guy obviously liked it, smiled and finished dressing.

The following weeks we got used to first have fun under
the shower and afterwards continue this game in underwear.
Each week it was a new and thrilling adventuere, we developed
games like taking different types of underwear to try them
on in the changing cabins, wearing jogging shorts under
the shower, and the like.
We finally got used to jack-off games while under the shower,
of course very careful so that the others didn't notice.
One day, my companion stood under the shower letting the
water drip directly onto his hardon (we were alone at that
moment) swinging it gently. It grew harder and harder, and
suddenly a whole lot of cream came shooting out. And he
had not even touched his dick! - I tried to do the same, but
it succeede only some weeks later.
In the following weeks we had more contact, having blow-
jobs under the shower, if the situation permitted, and
especially treating our crotches in our underwear until it
got wet and creamy. The best event for me was on one
evening when we were at the cabins, both jacking off in
a fresh pair of underwear. When we both had shot our loads,
we put down the briefs. The guy grabbed mine, put them on
and started to massage his still hard dick. I grabbed his balls
through the wet brief, but he said I should put on his briefs
with all its cum. So I did and after a while we were shooting
our second load. I keep yours, you keep mine, he said, and
I still have his light-blue nylon bikini with our cum.
After some months of these pleasures he didn't turn up
again. He probably moved away. I wonder, whether he still
has my briefs which were made from black see-through
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