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Topic: Erotic Circumcision fantasy role play, true and false Circumcision stories  (Read 3928 times)
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« on: December 07, 2014, 07:29:15 PM »

A Foreskin Story of a Forced Circumcision

This story is solely fictional and based only upon one of my erotic forced circumcision fantasies.  In all of my years growing up intact in the cut happy USA I have remained intact until a recent misfortune happened to me.

I was fortunate to be left intact while growing up in the cut happy USA.  I have enjoyed all forms of masturbation with my foreskin even up to the day I was able to retract it fully for the first time.  I am a married Hispanic, 5’9” 200, athletic build with a nice 8” thick and shaved uncut cock with a very long abundant foreskin.

Prior to meeting and marrying my wife, I have secretly been involved with other circumcised men mainly through their interest in my foreskin.  Most early encounters involved meetings through mail correspondence from ads in a swinger magazine picked up at my local adult book stores.  Then it progressed to visiting various gay spas around the L.A. area in which I lived.  Today I continued to secretly meet local men and couples through Creg-list after I got married.  My wife who also loves my foreskin is not acceptable to my bi-sexuality.  She kind of has an idea but I know I must keep it from her in order to fulfill my bi-side and foreskin needs.

A personal ad caught my attention.  The headlines read, “Docking” with a photo of a cock buried deep inside another mans foreskin.  Curious 40, 8.5” professional circumcised male looking for other uncut guys for explore jack off but I’m mainly interested in docking.  It interested me as I have tried docking once a long, long time ago and realized it is something that has resurfaced and becoming popular.  I figured what a better way to give back to my less fortunate brothers.

I answered the add with an attached photo of my body showing the muscles I have worked extremely hard for and the long piece of foreskin dangling at the tip of my flaccid but thick cock.  He was very interested but as most of the ads placed many can not host but we remained in contact through email or instant messaging.  We chatted about several fantasy encounters we would play out once we got together.  He was able to squeeze out some circumcision talk and role play fantasies of mine.

An opportunity came up as my family was headed out to visit relatives and I was going to be alone for a week.  I planned my week accordingly with correspondences I kept in contact with for days like this.  Friday night host a bi-married couple interested in a threesome with an uncircumcised male MW4M.  Saturday night host a curious married circumcised male into first time foreskin explore and jack off M4M.  Sunday afternoon visit to a local gay spa and met three guys, two circumcised and one uncut.  Tuesday night host two gay couple one cut other uncut MM4M.  Thursday night host for DOCKING M4M.

Adam was his name.  Tall clean cut American 40, just as he appeared in his pictures we exchanged.  I knew he had a foreskin fetish and was very upset at his parents for having him circumcised.  He talked a lot about his failed attempts to stretch and restore so he plainly gave up and focused his attention to enjoying the feeling of being inside of other intact foreskins.

He took his time checking out and exploring my cock, balls, shaft then foreskin.  During his play he asked if I had ever thought about getting circumcised and I told him that when I was younger.  I was just getting sexually active and I became discouraged when meeting women who knew nothing or interested in a guy with foreskin.  Rejection after rejection I began to think about getting myself circumcised.  Since then the thought of being circumcised did run through my mind from time to time.  It made for some good circumcision talk, fantasies while masturbating and role play with the wife.  All the exam, foreskin play and circumcision talk got me so hot that he had me dripping pre-cum from the small opening at the tip of my foreskin. 

We got together so we can look at our cocks and compare. He was 8.5" long and thick with a big mushroom stood out, flared head, no wrinkles excess skin or anything bunched up behind the glans.  His circumcision was invisible.  I couldn't tell or see his scar and he had no frenulum at all.  Even with his attempts to restore he was still left with a nice and tight circumcision.  Mine not so prominent sticking out on my 8" glory compared to his 8.5" cocks but I had a long covering foreskin.

I worked and stretched my foreskin good while I watched him play with his cut cock to full erection.  I've had my share of letting cut guys fuck my foreskin and I took control by positioning us head to head.  I think he was okay with that as he had little experience.  He never had the opportunity to put his cock fully into another man's foreskin.  Even though he tried with the other uncut guys but none of them had a long foreskin like I had.  I retracted all the way back and put our heads against each other. Then I worked my foreskin over his big mushroomed head.  My foreskin already stretched from the play we both gave it.  He then thrust to finish the job by burying his cock deep inside my wet foreskin.  He stretched me good as he was a little thicker in the head than I was but my foreskin loved it and had no problem taking him fully.

He got his hand around my foreskin and worked it back and forth paying close attention to his desensitized glans.  At the same time his other hand was groping my buttocks.  It was a rhythm to be admired as he focused and worked to stretch my foreskin to cover more of his shaft but the stretching of my foreskin gave me equal sensation.  I could tell he was ready to explode by his panting, moaning, thrusting motions and then tightening buttocks.  I said don't stop and he immediately knew what to do as he worked himself up to speed.  He jacked faster and harder keeping good pressure on the right pressure points.  I could feel his head flare inside my worked foreskin and I felt his grip getting tighter as he shot loads and loads into my foreskin.  To our amusement we noticed no leak between us.  He had a tight seal locked together as his cum shot inside inflating my foreskin full of his cum.  I could tell it was an amazing experience for him.

He asked me more about my interest in circumcision and the role play my wife and I had from time to time.  I told him my wife gets off when I wear the foreskin retraction device I purchased online.  It holds back my foreskin so we can have circumcised sex.  All of her boyfriends had been circumcised and I was her first uncut guy so it is hot role play for the both of us.  I get to feel what it’s like to be circumcised and she gets to pretend she’s fucking one of her old boyfriends.  I have seen videos and the various tools used and have read some hot letters about detailed circumcisions but other than playing with tools or actually role playing a circumcision I just wear the device.  I told him that I love my foreskin very much and would never think about getting myself circumcised.  I would have to be forced like in the letters I go back to from time to time where I would not have the opportunity to resist.  Once again all this talk about my foreskin and circumcision got my juices flowing.

He said he brought with him a circumcision tool called the Gomco clamp and if I let him he would role play an erotic forced circumcision using the device on me.  My heart jumped to the thought of trying something new and I so much wanted to check out the tool personally.  With my approval he went to his car and brought back a suitcase.  The Gomco clamp is a metal device with a bell-shaped end.  During circumcision using a Gomco clamp, the foreskin is stretched over the bell, and the clamp is tightened over the foreskin.  The foreskin is cut away and the clamp is removed.

He had me tied up on the table.  He began to run his fingers up and down my body and positioned himself between my legs.  Immediately I began to get hard.  My manhood hardened and I consider myself to be thick and my foreskin dark brown and abundant which still bunched up at the tip of my erect cock.  I have lots of foreskin and an overall nice proportionate looking cock.  He reached down and cupped my balls in his hands.  He then gently sucked on my nipples.  After working my balls and ass, He moved slightly to the base of my cock.  He has big hands and my thick cock filled it fully as he wrapped his hands around it.  He began to slowly stroke back my foreskin to reveal my cock head.  It glistened with precum as it was fully retracted and in view for him to see.

Moist and tender looking, it looked so sensitive and vulnerable to the elements it was about to encounter.  The cool air and slight abrasion and tug of the foreskin sliding back and forth as he gently stroked it.  The underside revealed my long thin frenulum which allowing for full unrestricted retraction.  I began to squirm and moan in pleasure.  He held my foreskin back tightly and stretched my frenulum.  He placed two fingertips on it and began to knead the underside of my exposed glans.  It sent spikes of pleasure through my spine as he manipulated my sensitive frenulum.  I threw my head back in ecstasy while shouting out obscene words.  He reached for my drooling cock.  I was so wet and hard it was unbelievably slick.

He stroked my cock a while before he bunched my foreskin up at the top.  He began to insert his finger into my cum soaked foreskin and began to finger my insides.  I continued to moan and raised my ass up off the table.  My pre cum now dripping down my shiny shaft and down between my ass and soaking the table.  He spent some time finger fucking my foreskin with his fingers before he switched to another technique.  He grabbed my foreskin and held it between both thumbs and forefingers and began to pull and stretch it up as far as it would go.  With so much skin, he was able to create and look down the funnel of foreskin created.

With every tug, I moaned louder and would thrust for more.  I liked the abuse he was giving my foreskin.  As he stretched it with his four fingers, he gradually inserted five then six.  The pleasure out did the pain as he tugged, stretched and finally inserted six fingers into my tight foreskin.  He stretched it out good as I continued to moan louder.  I could feel and clearly see the outlines of his fingers pushing through the skin from the inside as he tugged and stretched harder.

After the stretching workout on my foreskin, he reached into his suitcase pulling out a huge dildo with some lube.  I told him I was more of a top than a bottom but he insisted that it will help in loosening me up and heighten my ejaculation during the role play.  My wife had once playfully fucked me with her dildo but it wasn’t as huge as the one Adam was about to put into me.  Before I could say anything more he began to finger fuck me with his fingers and it did loosen me up.  I was begging for him to put that monster into my ass.  I felt the tip push against my sphincter and then felt the large head pop violently into my hole.  The first penetration I yelled and my eyes widened.  He let me rest a bit while he pumped on my cock to deaden the pain.  The last 12” slide in with no problem coming to resting deep within my bowels. 

Next he pulled out an inflatable rubber ball extremely larger than the circumference of my knob.  With the amount of pre cum inside my skin, he was able to insert the ball into my foreskin with little resistance.  The ball was soon inflating and continued to stretch my foreskin as it was encased completely within.  He left me to lay untouched and I moaned from the continuous stretching affect the ball had on my foreskin.  He started to pump that large dildo in and out of my ass as my cock began to go into convulsions and began to shoot load after load of cum.  My cum oozed out the sides as my foreskin ballooned while trying it's hardest to retain the ball within.  The ball held in position as the convulsions subsided.  I lay there tied up and all I wanted to do was grab my foreskin to pump all the cum out from my aching balls.  Instead I lay there heavily breathing with no assistance shooting load after load.  My cock softened a bit, the dildo still buried deep inside my ass.  I was still semi erect and wanting more.

Jokingly, he said this will be the last time I would be able to masturbate and pleasure my foreskin like that.  Playing along, I just nodded my head.  He then reached down and grabbed my semi hard cock and gently retracted my foreskin back.  The ball popped out and the cum trapped within gently oozed out and down my exposed shaft.  He immediately placed his mouth over my exposed glans and began to suck me dry.  He bunched my skin up at the top and made sure he sucked every last bit of cum as he cleaned me up with his mouth.  At this time I was rock hard again.  He positioned himself between my legs and within hands distance.  He continued to suck my cock and pay special attention to my foreskin.  He then began to bunch up my foreskin at the tip and gently nibbled and chewed on it while rolling my foreskin between his razor sharp teeth.  Nothing but moaning filled the room while he continued to nibble and chew on my foreskin.  I felt him poke and swirled his tongue inside my foreskin.  Encasing his tongue with it, he began to lick the tip and around my cock head from within.  I began to lubricate again and I knew he could taste it.  I asked if he could taste my cum and he moaned and nodded yes.

Although I shaved before our meet a light shadow had formed already.  He grabbed the razor and shaving cream and told me that before any circumcision, the patient had to be shaved completely.  He was totally into the game.  As he lathered me up, he grabbed the razor from off the table and began to shave me.  I played along and cried out that I changed my mind and didn't want the circumcision after all.  I wanted to keep my skin so I could continue to masturbate dock and role play with it.  I pleaded as he continued to shave me clean.  Once the shaving was complete, he would prepare the “Gomco” the circumcision tool.

He took the clamp from off the table and reached over and grabbed my flaccid cock.  He drew back my foreskin and rubbed some numbing agent on it.  Then he placed the cold cap that covered the entire exposed head of my cock.  He then drew the foreskin back over the cap and bunched it up as much skin as he could get.  As excited as I was I was flaccid so he was able to grab a hand full of foreskin, which would be removed in the simple operation.  I continued to keep myself busy playing the part and it took my mind off what he was doing to my cock.  Finally he put on the finishing touches with the clamp.  He lowered the clamping device, which then caught my attention when it snapped loudly into place pinching my foreskin enough to cut off the circulation.

I saw my cock become rock hard with the foreskin remained trapped inside the clamp.  I felt the pressure of my huge cock expanding but then my foreskin immediately went numb.  It felt real enough to make me continue to plead with him to not circumcise me.  He pulled out a scalpel and ran it across my shaft to let me see and feel the authenticity of the steel against my skin.  My heart raced when I saw the knife.  Here I am, I’m tied up, my foreskin numb and I knew we both agreed it wouldn’t go past this scenario.  I politely asked him to untie me.  With a hard on and grin, he said it was too late to turn back now and that it was going to happen if I liked it or not.  I told him I wasn’t kidding and to untie me.  He refused to do so as he moved the knife up towards the clamp and inserted the scalpel into the groove that circled my clamped off foreskin.

I panicked and started to yell and scream for help.  He immediately placed a gag into my mouth.  He propped my head up and said “I don’t want to hear you but I want you to watch what I’m going to do to your foreskin”!  He returned to his position and no matter how much I squirmed and tried to get free, he had a strong grip on my cock with one hand and in the other held a knife.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched him run the scalpel through the groove.  I flinched as I felt the knife tear through and severe my skin.  The scene ran back over and over in my mind in slow motion that seemed like it took hours.  I laid my head back and collapsed as the operation came to an end.  Thank goodness the clamp had numbed my foreskin enough to where I couldn't feel it.  I still couldn’t comprehend what just happened.  I was hoping it was a bad dream.  As I lifted my head to refocus on my foreskin, I watched as he slowly lifted off my severed foreskin from the tool.  Immediately I could feel the cool air hitting my exposed glans.

Something tells me he wasn’t done yet as he stood there with a full hard on and playing with my foreskin.  I watched as he stretched it with his fingers like playing with taffy while holding it up in my face making me watch.  His fingers were slick and red from the mixture of blood and semen.  I was shocked and horrified all I could do was lay and watch still in disbelief wishing that this day never happened.

He stood snuggled up beside me and threw his huge swollen circumcised cock and balls onto my chest.  Then holding onto my severed foreskin he stretched it open using his fingers before placing it over his bare glans.  With one hand gripping the foreskin and with the other hand I watched him slide it back and forth as if it was his own.  His swollen head was now pushing through the skin and then disappearing again.  He took his time working and enjoying my foreskin stroking with his right then switching to his left hand.  He was torturing me as I lay and watch him have his way with my skin.

Morning was slowly peaking through the blinds and he was finally showing signs of coming to an end.  With the Gomco still attached to my cock resting between my legs the bleeding had stopped.  I still lay there tied up, dildo still in my ass, gagged and flaccid on the table.  His muscles in his body tightened and his buttocks clinched.  His feet began to slowly lifting him into the air forcing his cock closer and closer to my face.  He pumped hard on his cock with my skin and shot loads into the air with some of it hitting my face, landing in my hair and leaving a huge puddle under my chin.

He removed my foreskin from his cock and threw it into the puddle of his cum that was still under my chin.  He began to remove the Gomco from my cock, pulled the dildo out my ass and placed everything into his suitcase.  He collected his things before untying me and headed out the door.  I was exhausted and didn’t say a word but I slowly got up after I heard him drive away and inspected my cock for damages.  It was bruised and swollen but the head was now permanently exposed.  I looked around for my foreskin but it was nowhere to be found.  The son of a bitch kept it as a token.  Too embarrassed to do anything I collected myself and tried to think of a plan to tell my wife what had happened and why I got myself circumcised.
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