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Topic: Meeting curious couples  (Read 1093 times)
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shaved and uncut with foreskin fetish!

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« on: April 16, 2014, 08:42:26 PM »

Funny how these things happen when you least expect it?

Back when I was 25, I met a guy at a bar just having drinks and he sparked up a conversation.  The conversation led to having kids and then he asked if I had my son circumcised.  He said they had theirs done and I said I didn't.  I told him my wife and I didn't find it necessary plus he will learn to enjoy it or make the decision when older if he wanted a circumcision.  He then asked it's usually because the father isn't and I confirmed I was not.

He then threw me for a loop by telling me his wife had mentioned something about never experiencing an uncircumcised guy and that she had mentioned it recently because they saw a porno that had an uncut guy in it Rocco.  It was at that time period when foreskin was just coming out in porn.  Anyways he got the idea to have a long term discreet 3-some with an uncircumcised guy.

We moved to a private booth because he got my attention.  At the booth we were able to open up more and talk.  He even shared a few naked pictures of his wife with me.  She was a short milky white girl with big giant natural boobs and long red hair.  She had a big red hairy bush down bellow.  It was the eighties indeed.  At the end of the night we made an arrangement to meet at their house on another day.

I showed up and she greeted me wearing a black and white lace teddy with garter belt and stockings.  We chatted and they threw in the porn that had the uncut guy Rocco in it.  Although they showed his cock with foreskin the porn didn't go into detail about it.  They wanted details so I took off into the bathroom to clean myself up and returned.

They both knelled down in front of me and watched as I lowered my drawers.  I was shaved completely at that time and they watched as my cock grew and cock head filling my foreskin.  The head started to peek out the tip.  I retracted and showed them how easy it was to masturbate and not need lube.  I pointed out the inner and outer foreskin, frenulum and identified what all would have been lost if I had been circumcised.

That evening they both took turns examining and playing with my foreskin for a very long time until they were satisfied.  He gave her permission to give me head so I instructed her on what to do to my foreskin.  Bite, nibble, chew, stretch, probe and sucked until I couldn't hold out any longer and she made me cum.   I returned several times later and each time lead to different play and sex.  She wanted to feel the natural foreskin slide up and move around inside her.  Something she always had to use lube when fucking a circumcised cock.

Lots of wonderful detailed stories of our sex play together.  They would always surprise me with something different to experiment on my foreskin.  Ballooning, stuffing, stretching, tying, docking, electro and doctor nurse patient circ play.  It lasted three whole years but ended much too soon as they moved out of state because he got relocated for his job.
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Me when soft (several years ago)

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« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2014, 09:04:32 AM »

Wow, man!  This is a super hot story!  I have had a fantasy (in my head) of sharing a woman with another intact guy.  Sounds like you had enough fun even though the other guy was cut.  Thanks for sharing, buddy!!
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David Johns
native tex
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2014, 05:36:20 AM »

very hot story
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