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Topic: I can't believe I did that!  (Read 19369 times)
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« Reply #15 on: November 11, 2011, 05:34:00 PM »

Where has the time gone?  Till this day, I can't beleive I was able to do this.

I was 15 or 16 years old and read an article about a circumcised guy who was able to give himself autofellatio in one of my dad's Hustler magazines.  That night while in bed masturbating, I got the idea of trying to give myself head.  I was laying on my bed and threw my legs up over my head as described in the magazine.  I laid there staring down the funnel of my semi flaccid uncut cock.  I was within a few inches of being able to reach the tip of my foreskin with my tongue.  I watched closely pretending I was looking at some one else's uncircumcised cock and I began to give myself a close examination.  I watched as I slowly retracted the foreskin and then pulling it back forward.  I grew rock hard just thinking about getting my cock into my mouth.  I tried to maneuver myself closer but I couldn't get my cock any closer.  I pulled my foreskin forward and gripped it hard in my hands.  It rolled forward and easily touched my lips.  I went wild to feel the silkiness of my foreskin rubbing against my lips.  I stuck out my tongue and darted it into the opening of my foreskin.  It felt even better on my tongue.  With my first feel of foreskin on my lips and tongue, I started to spasm and realized a big load was going to shoot.  Never tasting my own cum before, I quickly diverted my cock away from my lips and began to stroke making sure I watch the cum shoot from my cock.  I shot loads all over my face and it ran down my cheeks and puddled on my bed.

Many nights latter I found myself in the same position.  One night while trying to get my cock closer, I felt my feet hit the head board.  With my feet against the headboard, it gave me greater leaverage and I was able to suck the tip of my cock head into my mouth.  I ran my tongue around my glans while sucking on the tip and found my frenulum for the first time.  Many more nights went by and I experimented on chewing and bitting on my foreskin.  This time bitting the tip closed I would shoot into my clamped foreskin.

Another night of autofellatio but this time I was determined to get more of my cock into my mouth.  Using the head board to get more leaverage, I walked my feet down towards the bottom of the head board until my toes grabbed under the bottom lip.  This gave me all the leaverage I needed.  I slightly pushed off the bottom of the headboard using nothing but the power from my legs and my cock slid further into my mouth.  I worked on my cock and foreskin for a long time that night.  I woke up the next morning with a sore and stretched foreskin.  The sessions continued to get more and more intense and involved each night.  I was young and my back was flexable and my stomach and waist was thin.  I was able to get relaxed enough to get even more of my cock into my mouth.  A session heated up and I found myself pumping my mouth harder and harder.  My legs strained and pushed harder getting more leaverage off the head board.  With all the combinations into play, I was able to get my entire cock into my mouth gagging myself on each downward thrust.  I exploded down my throat and couldn't do anything but swallow my load to keep from drowning.  My first taste of my own cum.  It was hot thick and salty.

I slowly grew out of it when I became sexually active and can't remember the last time I gave myself autofellatio.  I'm much older now, married with some added pounds.  Many years earlier I got horny one night alone and tried but didn't get any where close other than shooting my load into my open mouth.  I woke up with an aching back and sore neck the next morning.

Man, to be young again.
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