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Topic: Truckers Foreskin (7)  (Read 7268 times)
« on: April 23, 2007, 05:46:31 PM »

Then he took Ken's chin in his hand and kissed him gently on the lips. "Ken, you're more than I had hoped for." "You are too, Mike," Ken said. He thought, more than you know. He could jack off for months thinking about this. "But how do I get you off?" David shrugged. "I don't care." "I don't want you to be unsatisfied." "I'm satisfied." "That's not what I mean," Mike said. He buried his head in Ken's neck, kissing it lightly, hugging him tight. They were silent for a moment, the Mike said.

"I know. Turn on your side facing me." Ken did as he was told and Mike reached down and took hold of his still throbbing cock and brought the bare head of it up to his own. He began working his foreskin over Ken's cockhead and down his cockshaft, farther and farther, until only about an inch and a half remained at the base of his seven plus.

"Help me, Ken, get hold of the end and pull it down the rest of the way. It'll stretch that far, but it won't stay. I want to feel you all the way inside the way you took me."

Ken shuddered. The feeling of having Mike's foreskin encasing his own cock, clinging to it, almost made him lose his load right there. He fought it back, took the end of the foreskin in his fingers and pulled. It made it, he was completely inside it! He held it for a moment, then released it and slid it back an inch or so. Mike closed his hand around Ken's cock inside his foreskin and kneaded it gently, working up the juices, secreting them onto Ken's cock, making it slippery as oil.

Ken moaned and his body began to shiver again. He closed his eyes. The feeling was indescribable, ecstatic, almost unbearable. He did not know how long he could hold back his boiling cum. Mike continued to massage it, slowly and gently, then stopped, gripped it tight and held it.

"Okay, Ken, fuck for your life! Make me feel it too!" David moved his hips slowly, feeling his cock slide back and forth inside Mike's foreskin, slipping easily in Mike's lubricant as Mike's fist held it tight. He held his speed down, trying to hold back his orgasm, knowing he would not last long inside that heated slimy sheath that gripped both his and Mike's throbbing cockheads. But he couldn't hold it any longer. He felt it well up inside him, tug at his body and explode into the tight confines of Mike's foreskin. Almost instantly he felt the load of cum ooze out of Mike's cockhead, bathing his own in its warm stickiness. They lay still as their cocks both subsided. Mike gently squeezed with his hand, sliding their cockheads around in the slippery mess of their mingled cum.

After they had dressed and climbed back down into the cab, Ken wrote his number on a matchbook and gave it to Mike. As he was crawling down from the cab, he looked back at Mike and said "Call me, Mike, don't just think about it."

"You can bet on it!" Mike replied.

(Sorry because this fiction is rather long because I wanted it to remain... uncut !)
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