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October 18, 2018, 05:15:32 PM
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Topic: Truckers Foreskin (6)  (Read 2252 times)
« on: April 23, 2007, 05:42:44 PM »

He could feel the thick shaft take on life again and begin to swell. With one long pull, he exposed the head and did some heavy tongue work on it until he was nearly fully erect again. He ran his tongue up and down the length of it, over his balls, along the inside of his thighs, up around the edges to his navel and down the other side back to his balls. Slowly he sucked one into his mouth and let it slide out, then the other, back and forth, and finally using his fingers to help he got them both in and gently slid his tongue around them. He could hear Mike moaning and feel the jerk of his cock as it lifted up off his belly and fell back. He let Mike's balls slide out of his mouth and kissed each one in turn.

Ken closed his fist around Mike's cock and squeezed the foreskin all the way forward, forming the loose folds of skin into a thick, puckered rosette. "I know you think I'm weird, but I wish we had some honey to fill this fucker with."

Mike laughed and deliberately made his cock jump in Ken's hand. "All the honey you need comes out the end of it, if you want it again." "I do, but not the same way." "What do you mean?" "Up my ass." "Can you, Ken?" "All of it. I'm ready for it now." "No grease?" "It does that well enough by itself."

They switched positions, getting Ken on the bottom this time as Mike parted his legs and crawled up between them. Ken lifted his legs over his shoulders, offering his ass wide and receptive as the tip of Mike's cock brushed against it. He felt Mike reach down, take hold of it and skin it back, getting ready to go in.

He bit his lip in pain as he felt the broad head open him and press inward, stretching his asshole wide. Slowly it pressed on until he felt Mike's balls come flush up against his ass. Mike stopped moving and rested perfectly still with his huge rod planted firmly up Ken's tight asshole.

Ken began to adjust and his body relaxed, the pain subsiding as he adjusted to the sudden intrusion. A warmth began to spread outward from his groin, filling him with the feeling of completeness he had always longed for. His ass tightened reflexively, squeezing Mike's cock even tighter, then releasing it. Mike was kissing him again, his tongue reaching far into the recesses of his mouth.

Mike's hips began to move slowly, fucking his cock in and out of Ken's body, his balls slapping gently against his ass at the end of each long, unending stroke. A tingling feeling of pleasure began down there as he tightened up with each inward stroke and relaxed as Mike pulled back, sliding his cock in and out of its sheath inside him. Mike's stroking shortened, speeded up, became erratic. Ken felt warm, the tingle of pleasure spreading outward from his ass through his body causing him to shiver and tremble in the wonder of a body orgasm. Mike kept pumping, moving in and out, then suddenly gasped, groaned, thrust himself all the way in and stopped, the muscles of his body straining and jerking. Ken could feel the pulsing of the massive cock inside him as the cum boiled up, sped down the length of it and spewed out into his insides, warm and soothing.

Mike's body relaxed, and as he lowered himself down, Ken pulled his legs from his shoulders and locked them around his waist. He could feel Mike's cock still in him, no longer rigid, but swollen and jerking spasmodically in the throes of after-orgasm. They lay that way for a long time, the skin of their bodies glued together, slippery with sweat, Mike's cock slowly shrinking and withdrawing until nothing remained inside him but the long length of foreskin. Finally Mike raised himself and lay down beside Ken. He reached into a small compartment and withdrew a towel, hastily wiped himself and offered it to Ken. (...)

(To be continued in Part 7)
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