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Topic: Truckers Foreskin (5)  (Read 1961 times)
« on: April 23, 2007, 05:40:28 PM »

"A St. Christopher's medal? But he's not a saint anymore." "I know," Mike said, "but he protects me." Mike was kissing him again and the warmth and nearness of his body erased his lingering fear. He felt the strength of his fully erect cock pressing against his belly and his own cock was straining at the fabric of his shorts. He reached down and slipped his hand under the waistband of Mike's jockeys and took the long, thick cylinder of flesh in his hand. It was big...damn big! And, Jesus! Mike had more foreskin than any one man had a right to.

Mike's hands were moving over his body, caressing, squeezing. He tugged at Ken's shorts. "Let's get them off," he whispered. In moments they were completely naked, pressed tightly against each other. Ken felt the warmth of Mike's body beneath him, his throbbing cock against his own, and a pair of balls so big he knew he would be lucky to get them both in his mouth at the same time.

He slid down, bent his head into Mike's groin and sucked into his mouth the loose end of his fabulous foreskin, already oozing abundantly with the juices of an uncircumcised cock in heat. Slowly, he pulled the skin back, farther and farther, until the full, plump head was exposed and glistening in the light. He took it into his mouth, tasting the pungent, almost cheesy flavor of it. He felt Mike's hands holding him gently by the head, urging him down, and he let the length of the shaft slowly slide into his mouth and down his throat, deeper and deeper, until his lips touched the cockhairs at the base. Mike moaned deeply in his throat.

"How the fuck can you do that?" Ken didn't answer, did not even take his mouth from Mike's throbbing cock, but braced himself on his elbows above him and began to ride it the length of the shaft, from tip to base and back again and again and again until Mike's body began to writhe beneath him and his hands tightened on his head. Still he went on sucking as if he wanted to pull the manhood from him, out of the deepest corners of his insides down through his cock, but hoping at the same time it would never end. A tremble took hold of Mike's body, beginning slowly but increasing rapidly in tempo until he arched his ass up off the mattress, his muscles strained and tight.

"I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum like I never came before!" he said. Quickly, Ken buried it all the way down his throat and held it there as he felt Mike's cock throb and flex as it pumped his cum into him, flooding his throat. He felt himself begin to choke and pulled back a little, but held it tight and kept the suction on full force until he was sure Mike had finished. Then he withdrew and milked the slightly softening cock to squeeze out the last drops of cum and licked them clean.

"Where the fuck did you learn to suck like that?" Ken only looked up and smiled, then sucked Mike's cock back into his mouth, worked the foreskin back down over the head and up around his tongue. He held him that way, running his tongue gently around the head inside until he had gone almost soft. Mike kept on lubricating long after he had shot and Ken loved it. Loved the slippery feeling of it on his tongue, loved the totally masculine taste of it. (...)

(To be continued in Part 6)
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