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Topic: Truckers Foreskin (4)  (Read 2007 times)
« on: April 23, 2007, 05:29:38 PM »

Ken blinked and stared back at him. His eyes were non-committal, piercing, knowing. His courage almost left him, but he managed to choke back the words "what are you talking about?" He felt a tiny throb begin in his temples and he imagined suddenly some psycho answering his message only for the purpose of drawing him here to beat him up - or worse. For a moment all he wanted to do was get up and run for his fucking life.

Then he smiled. It was a friendly smile that softened the terrible hardness of his eyes. Ken watched as his hand slid to his crotch and caressed it gently. "Are you afraid?" "No", Ken lied. "Why does everybody think I bite?" Ken hesitated." may be your appearance." "Shit!" he said and began to knead the swelling hardness in his crotch. "What the fuck is wrong with me?" "Nothing!" Ken said too quickly. "I mean..." The man laughed and sat down on the bench beside Ken. "I know I frighten people, but I never hurt anybody in my life. Can you believe that?" Ken nodded. "My name's Mike," he said, holding out his hand. Ken took his hand and mumbled, "Ken." His grip was both strong and reassuring. "Okay, Ken," he said, "I know I scare the hell out of you, but if you're the guy who likes lots of foreskin, I've got more than you can handle." Ken only smiled and released his hand. "Shit!" he said again, suddenly, explosively. "What's wrong?" "Why is everybody afraid of me?" "I'm not afraid of you, Mike." "Are you sure? You don't sound that way." "I'm sure," Ken said, not really sure he was. "Well, do you want to go to my truck? We can't do it here." "Won't they think that's kinda weird?" Ken asked, nodding in the direction of the trucks parked near Mike's. "Those guys are all asleep. I already checked them out. Besides, the ones that aren't already got someone..." "Okay." Ken muttered half-heatedly.

He followed Mike to the truck trying to quiet the nagging uncertainty that still kept gnawing at him. He waited until Mike got into the cab and unlocked the door on the rider's side, then climbed up inside. "Shoes off!" Mike said. "Nobody goes up there with his shoes on!" Ken untied his shoes and slipped them off as Mike heaved himself up into the sleeping box. A moment later Ken crawled up beside him. Mike already had his shirt off and was starting on his jeans as Ken began undressing. Ken sat looking at the line of Mike's half swollen cock under the thin cloth of his jockeys. He reached out and ran his finger along the length of it.

Mike smiled and said "Are you disappointed?" Ken smiled and shook his head as Mike reached for him and pulled him into his arms. They kissed eagerly, exploring the deepest reaches and when they broke away Ken lay his head on Mike's shoulder. The silver medal on the chain around Mike's neck caught his eye again and he picked it up in his fingers. (...)

(To be continued in Part 5)
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