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October 18, 2018, 05:16:46 PM
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Topic: His Name was Dick  (Read 3308 times)
« on: February 18, 2010, 07:22:19 PM »


His name was Dick.  I can’t begin to describe to you how apropos this name was for him.  Or, I guess is for him, because yes, he is still around and part of our lives, thankfully.  But, first things first.  I want to start at the beginning, when all of this great life got started.

I lived with my mother, my aunt, my sister, and a female cousin.  It was hideous being the only male in the house.  To make a bad situation even more unbearable,  we happened to live a ways out of town, so to get my friends around was a real task.  I kind of hid out in the basement of our town house.  My bedroom and bathroom were down there, along with a family room that no one ever used because of the lack of windows and total feeling of claustrophobia.  Even though I feel that I suffer from this terrible affliction more than most, it was better to be down there away from all of the women folk.

As I was hating my first year of high school in these surroundings an unbelievable thing happened.  My aunt started to date a truck driver.  Now on the surface, this could appear to be a turn for the worse.  Can you imagine bringing in a fat, smelly, uneducated, slob of a truck driver into this house of women with a male freak hiding out in the basement?  Even I, in the beginning, thought this was just too much.  Only, he wasn’t fat, or non-educated.  He had a terrific body, with hair peaking out of his shirt.  He had a baby face and probably was all of 30 years old.  He did however smell.  It was the most powerful, sensuous smell I had experienced up to that point.  One smell had gotten close, and that was Billy.  Billy comes into the picture later.

After my initial introduction to him, my aunt told him to go downstaris (to MY bathroom) and wash that horrid road smell off of himself.  She told me to take him down and show him where the towels were and to give him the tour of the basement, which I was more than glad to do.  He followed me down and I performed my assignment.

“So, they make you sleep down here all by yourself, and everyone else sleeps 2 floors above you?”  I was glad he could make conversation.

“Yeah, but believe me, it’s not all that bad.  I get my privacy down here.  I have a phone and a TV and it’s away from the women.”  What the shit?  Thought I might as well get him use to the idea that I hated everyone in the house.

“Know what ya mean.  Sometimes the women folk can get a bit demanding.  But, they are good to come home to after a stint on the road.”

“Ummm,” was all I could think of.  “So, have you slept with my aunt yet?”

“You sure are to the point.  The thing is that we are just getting to know one another, and tonight just might be the inaugural run.  I’ll let you know how it turns out, kid ”.

“Uh, don’t bother.  I’ll probably have to hear about it anyway.  I’m going out, enjoy the shower.  Hope it all goes the way you want it to.  Anyway, it’s good having a guy around.  Hope you stick around.  But, only if you don’t call me kid anymore.  You know the name, it’s Statten.”

“What kind of name is Statten?”

“It’s my name.  What kind of name is Kid?  For that matter, what kind of name is Dick?”

With that I left for a 3-hour bus ride across town to see my best friend Billy.  Okay, this is where you get to learn about Billy.  We pretty much had grown up together until my mom and aunt got this brilliant idea to move in together and move themselves and the 3 kids to the boonies.  Bill and I were in the middle of our freshman year in high school, and the timing couldn’t have been worse.  Neither of us could drive yet, and we had just discovered that we were gay.  Yes, homos, fags, queer, or whatever else you want to call it.  The thing is, because we had each other, this was a pretty easy process for us.  If it hadn’t been for Billy, I still might not be admitting it to myself, let alone anyone else.

Years ago in Jr. high school, Billy was getting a lot of shit from his sister.  Seems that she and a girl friend of hers had found a magazine that belonged to Billy’s father.  There was a picture of an uncircumcised guy in there.  The girls had never seen this before.  As it happens, Billy is uncircumcised and when asked about this explained the whole thing to the girls.  I was totally impressed by his explanation, and even more so when he admitted to them that he was intact.  They were shocked, and gave him a lot of grief over the whole thing. 

Billy and I had been fooling around for years.  Just the normal kid stuff.  At that time we hadn’t discovered the joys of “real” sex.  Anyway, I felt so sorry for the way they were treating him.  He later confessed that this was not uncommon, which just made my heart bleed for him.  Truth is, I really liked the fact that he was different than I.  And, he had a smell sometimes that I swear, made me dizzy.  Later in the years, I would beg him to not take a shower for a few days.  He hated this and would rarely go unshowerd, but appreciated the fact that I appreciated him so much the way he was.  We would sometimes get to go camping together, and I would try to arrange it so that no baths or showers were available.  Sometimes there were streams or lakes, but they would be too cold to be of much use.  Also, he didn’t seem to mind if no one but the two of us were around.

Anyway, a week or so went by and I was down in my bedroom with the door open.  I was just laying there thinking when I heard someone start down the stairs, and the stair light flicked on.  I can look straight across the family room to the stairs from my bed.  Low and behold, it was Dick coming down the stairs stark naked!!!!!  What a body!!!  What a dick !!!!  What a trophy !!!!! 

He went straight to the couch and lay down and proceeded to go to sleep immediately.  I went out to see if he needed some blankets or something, but he was out cold and I just had to take the opportunity to examine him.  I figured out that my aunt probably kicked him out of bed because he had been drinking.  He smelled slightly of beer.  Not too much, and his natural body odors mixed well with the beer smell.

 Well, here he was, asleep, and sprawled out for me to feast on.  He was muscular, but not overly so.  He had hairy legs, and a slightly hairy chest.  It was the kind of hair that some guys are lucky to be born with that doesn’t grow too long and looks like they keep clipped, but they don’t?  He was clean- but with a small amount of scruff growing.  He still had that baby face.  His dick was thick, and I mean thick.  It was long as well, but I couldn’t get a guess into how long it was because of  what looked like to be a goodly amount of overhang.  Hiding out under his dick was this pair of incredibly huge balls.  They kind of would retract a bit and move every once in awhile like they knew I was looking at them and they were shy.

I was standing next to him naked because I had been in bed, and my dick was standing straight at attention.  It was so hard that it actually hurt.  It was all I could do to not touch it and wack off while staring at this God.  I leaned down and got on my knees so that I could get my nose in for a better sniff.  Billy always has called me a sniff pig and I guess I am.  I started with his breath, which felt warm on my face when he exhaled.  It was beer all right, but ontop of the sweetest breath that I could imagine.  I wanted to kiss those baby face lips so bad, but could just imagine what hell that would cause in my life.

  I then went for a sniff of his armpit, the one that was closest to me.  He made this easy for me as he was sleeping with this arm over his face.  OH MY GOD !!!!!!  What a smell !!!!  When I was there with my nose practically touching his pit, I could see tiny beads of perspiration dancing there on his hairs.  I wanted so much to lick those beads.

  But, I was on a mission.  I moved my nose slowly down his stomach to his thigh, and around to those kings of balls.  MAN!!!   At that moment, I learned what that forbidden “musky man scent” was all about.  I was going crazy.

 Those balls were still doing their shy dance, practically hanging to his knees.  I have never seen balls like this to this day.  I took my nose up and around to that fat dick, and began to smell the smell of my life.  It was a bit like Billy’s, but it was manlier somehow, and there was the mixed up scents of piss and sweat in there too.  Billy never got this good, although I knew he could if he would just relax.  I sat there on my knees with my nose in his crotch, looking at his face, and started the best jerk off of my life.

 While I did this, Dick was obviously in a REM period, dreaming.  He kind of moaned a bit and I could see his dick was growing.  The skin was slowly but surely sliding off the head of his cock.  I knew that this happened whenever a guy entered a REM period and was just considering myself blessed to have this happen in front of me.  This served to get me more excited and I just lost it.    It was all over the side of the couch when I was through, but I was too weak to do anything about it.  I was afraid that I might have made a noise although I wasn’t sure even though I had tried my best to contain myself, sound wise.   Anyhow, I was in that kind of panic you can feel sometimes after you come, so I scurried back to my room leaving the door open so that I could continue to inhale some of the God that lay just beyond my door.

    I must have fallen asleep rather quickly, but it couldn’t have been too long before I was awakened by a quite noise coming from the family room.  I tip toed to my door and peeked around the corner.  There was Dick on his hands and knees in front of the couch, just where I had been, leaning down and licking my cum off of the furniture.  Ha !  I couldn’t believe it.  I inhaled deeply and I guess he heard me.  He turned around quickly with a surprised look on his face.

     “I heard you breathing and thought that you were asleep.”

     “Well, I was, but then I heard you.  Are you into this?”

    “ I never really knew.  But, I wasn’t asleep when you were admiring me, and it really turned my on.  And, I must say, you taste pretty good.  You have gotten me so horny.  Statten, I am sorry if this is too weird, I can just leave.”

    “Dick, no, believe me, it’s okay.  In fact, why don’t you just come into my bed and lets see what happens and at the very least it will be a more comfortable sleep than on that old couch.”

     He looked at me with total disbelief and a sort of look of longing.  “I would really like that, but I should probably take a shower first.  I’ve been on the road for two days and drinking a bit, and you aunt couldn’t stand me, so I don’t want to turn two in the same family off in the same day.”

     “Umm, let me put it this way.  If you have a shower, I won’t be half as interested as I am right now.  You smell like a real man.  I kind of could use a real man right now, if you can handle that.”

     “Man can I.  I am so tired and so horny that I just don’t want to ruin it with a shower.  Hope you are serious though.  I’m sure I am real ripe down in the mid section if you know what I mean.”

      “Yeah, and you are pretty tasty in the pit sections too.  Come on.”

     With that, we hoped into my bed.  He immediately started kissing me.  It was nice.  Started out slowly, then we both started getting into it.  I could feel his dick starting to come to attention.  Mine, had already gotten there while we were talking.

     “Statten, can you just do what you want with me?  I don’t know very much about this.  All I have is fantasies and wouldn't know where to begin with a real person.”

     “I will until you get comfortable, but whenever you want to play, don’t hesitate.”

     With that I rolled him on his back and took his wrists and held them above his head.  I kissed him a bit.  Then I kissed his face everywhere.  His eyes, nose, ears, hair.  Even worked my toung into his nose a bit.  I was just so fucking turned on by this guy.  I kissed and licked down his neck to his chest hairs, then around to his right arm.  The one I couldn’t smell before.  I licked him there, which served to intensify his smell.  God, I was about to cum just smelling him.  From there I went to the other pit and did the same.  Then down his perfectly hairy stomach to the side of his dick.  The head was half exposed, but I could tell that he was totally erect.  I licked down one side of that courageous dick smelling through the skin and detecting some cheese.  Man, this would be a great desert.  I went on to those huge balls and paid attention to each one.  They rolled around in my mouth just perfectly, although they were hard to get in.  There is no way in hell I could have gotten both of them in.  I didn’t spend too much time here though, as I wanted to get back to that cheesy dick.  I really wanted to kiss his hairy legs and play with them, but they would have to wait.  I sought out the dick.  I stuck my tongue into his foreskin, which caused him to wiggle a bit.  “Are you sure you don’t mind my being in need of a shower?”

     “Oh man, you have no idea.”  And with that I continued on.  I pulled back the skin with my hands just a bit.  The smell of piss and smegma was overpowering.  I started to clean up what little I had exposed.  The smegma dried out my mouth just right.  Again, mixing my spit in with his smell just made it better.  Dick seemed to be enjoying it beyond belief.  He was moaning and telling me he loved it.

     All of a sudden, he rolled over and put me on the bottom.  “I can’t take this right now.  Can I just whack off and cum on you?  I promise, during the night or in the morning I will be in better control and take it easy, but right now I just have to blow my wad.”

     “You got it big boy.  Blow away.  Just get that dick of yours as close to my nose as possible.  I want to smell all of this goodness.”

     With this he just went for it.  I of course did the same.  Everytime he took a down stroke on his manhood, I could see and smell the smegma.  It was a dream come true.  I could also look up into his blue eyes and see the look of total bliss in them.  I knew he was going to come, because it started out with a low gurgle sound in his throught then he started getting louder.  “UH, UH, UH, JEZUS, IT’S GOOD,  GOD, IT’S GREAT, STATTEN, I’M GONNA DO IT.  GET READY.   AHHHHHHHHHHHH.”  With that, he started cuming, and I started cuming.  I finished way before he did as I had just cum not too long before.  But still, he came, and came, and came.  I got tons of it in my mouth, and there was still plenty left for the rest of my face and my chest.  When he finally settled down, he just laid right on top of me and kind of wiggled around, smearing it all over the place.  It was great.  The smell in the room was that of two men, that had just finished a great work out, with a little jism smell thrown in for good measure.

     “Maybe I should go get a towel.”

     “Could you not,” I said.  “I know it’s gross, but I just want to fall asleep in this mess.  It’s my favorite mess in the world.”

     He smiled a big smile.  “Statten, you are one crazy sniff guy, but I think I like it.  Wake me when you want to go at it again, or I’ll just see ya in the morning.”

     “You’ve got yourself a deal.”  And with that, he kissed me another of those long great kisses, rolled me over so that my back was facing him, grabbed me in his arms and held me tight.  That’s how I fell asleep that first night.

     When I woke, he was gone and it was obviously morning.  The night before seemed to be some great dream, but, the room stilled smelled of us.  I looked over at the clock and saw that I had better get going if I wanted to make it to school on time.

     I got to the bathroom just to find a note attached to the mirror.  “S…thanx for the great time.  Had to hit the road.  Back latter.  Dick.”

     All that day in school I was in the fog.  Couldn’t concentrate on anything.  At lunch, Billy and I decided too skip the rest of the day and go to our spot and smoke some pot.  I confessed everything to him of course. 
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