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Topic: My first blow job on an uncut cock !  (Read 4258 times)
« on: December 09, 2009, 12:04:10 PM »

Paul and I had been attending a yearly conference for the last 10 years and shared a room to cut down on expense. This was a professional relationship and had not gone beyond that. We had a 'ritual' where we would return to our room for the evening, I would undress down to my underwear and go into the shower. I would dry off in the bathroom, put my briefs on and go out climb into bed and either continue watching what ever Paul had on the TV or just go to sleep. He would follow me taking his shower, go to bed and in the morning do what ever the day demanded. This particular year was different and would change every day foward. The day had been particularly long, hot and demanding. I was TIRED. We came back to the hotel, I immediately got undress, gathered my stuff and went into the bath room. I showered, dryed off and realized I had not gotten a clean set of under wear. So...I came out of the bathroom, naked, got my briefs and climbed into bed. Paul had said something but I did not hear him and quite frankly was not interested. I was TIRED. I must have fell off to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Soon I heard Paul call me. "George wake up"   I said "I am tired, what do you want?" Open your eyes and you will see what I want." I opened my eyes and there standing before me was Paul, with his cock hanging down over me.....At first I was shocked, even a little angry but I remembered my childhood and decided it might be a good thing. "Go ahead, you know you want it" I said" What makes you think I want it" Tell me you don't " and with that I sat up and placed his cock near my lips and began to lick. I soon had it in my mouth and began to suck. It was different than I had ever had I could move the skin back and forth and I loved the feeling. As it began to grow in my mouth I loved it even more. I would move the forskin all the way back and than up over his cock head and back again. He was excited and I remembered something I had done when I was a child . When he acted like he was just about ready to cum I would STOP....tease him and start again....continue until he was ALMOST ready and STOP...i would continue until he beged me to let him cum.

When I was finished he sucked me and that was the beginning of a relationship that has lasted 30 years.
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« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2010, 03:53:07 PM »

I too have friends of 30+ years who I only meet up with at conventions and conferences (all being married) where m/m sex is on the menu. They usually start quite casually but usually develop into great friendships - even at a distance. Some meetings have gaps of 10 years and yet the relationship is still there - eager for m/m sexual contact. Recently meeting up with an old school mate with a 40 years absence - we spent 2 days locked up in a motel room until we could have enough of each other. Both of us are uncut and I think we enjoy this the most. Cut guys really have a disadvantage - sensitivity really has been robbed from them. But I'm not adverse at all from playing with a cut guy!!
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