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Topic: Dry Cumming! (dangerous or healthy)  (Read 1704 times)
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« on: November 13, 2009, 07:11:44 PM »

I like to masturbate and over the years I have found ways where I can make a masturbation session last for hours by myself.  After my innitial big splash, I can expertly work my cock and foreskin the way I liked it to trigger small spurts.  When I can't stroke any more out, I switch to a milking technique.  This requires laying on my back and I pull as much overhang as possible and fold it all to bunch up under my frenulum.  Then I cover it with a towel to give it a cushion feel.  Then with my strong hand or the one that feels good, I take my palm and put it over the tip.  I then wrap my fingers under until they come into contact where the bunched up foreskin and frenulum is on the under part of the shaft.  I then start a kneeding/milking motion working and feeling the foreskin slide while giving slight preasure to the frenulum with my fingers.  I'll tighten my buttocks and flex my thigh, legs and point my toes downward.  Everything working together will trigger me to dry cum.  It's the feeling and spasms of cumming but nothing comes out.  I'll come back down from my high and then start the process over again.  I can do this until I exhaust myself to faling into a deep sleep.

I'm sure every one has experienced dry cumming.  I remember my first time and I used the same milking technique when I was 10 or 12 years old.  Back then I just used my bare palm until the day I produced cum and made a mess.  That's where the towel came into the picture.  I like having these good sessions from time to time when I'm not with my wife etc.  I feel it cleans the pipes but can any one tell me if it is dangerous in the long run or completely safe, fun and healthy? 
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« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2009, 12:42:18 AM »

I've done that myself too UCEDHM40, when one runs out of cum, and still achieves an other orgasm that dry orgasm actually seems more intense. (Does it for you UCEDHM40?). I think the general rule though is that a guy NEVER gets enough sex to run dry. Some guys recovery time is long as a day, whilst others are as short as 10 minutes. Depends upon the individual. It really would be a situation where self-pleasuring is the activity that one would be lucky enough to have enough excitement to experience a dry cum.  I have only heard of orgies with multiple persons where that might occur. UCEDHM40 you obviously enjoy your cock as much as I do. Being intact I sincerely believe enhances the sexual pleasure whether with self pleasure or in a partnership.
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