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Topic: My Foreskin Introduction  (Read 1943 times)
« on: August 04, 2009, 01:52:19 AM »

I well remember the beginnings of my fascination for all things foreskin when in my very early teens or around puberty. I hated the sports periods at my school and tried every way to get out of it until the day I shared the showers with this other boy. I'll never forget the first sighting of his fat spongy cock and long loose foreskin. As he soaped it up I could see that it had grown a bit in size and I panicked as I felt myself getting hard but he didnít seem to notice. Iíd just started getting hair around my cock a few months before and it seemed to have grown to 3 times its size overnight but had yet to discover the joys of masturbation. I knew it felt good when I eased the skin back and forth but it wasnít long before I could pull it right back without it hurting. One night in bed I was trying to put my finger inside the skin and I felt a surging dizzy feeling inside. Feeling a warm wetness I thought Iíd cut myself and nearly passed out as I had my first orgasm.
Next day was sports day at school and I hung around the showers wanting to compare my cock with everyone elseís. I couldnít stop getting fully hard when I saw my classmate with the big cock again and he noticed. He asked me if I played with it when thinking of girls and said that he would touch mine if I touched his. He kept his eyes shut saying that it was a girl doing it as I pulled on his foreskin which seemed huge compared with mine. After a couple of strokes I felt him cumming over my hand and he then grabbed my cock, told me to think of girls. I only thought of his cock, the first one other than my own that I had touched and seconds later I felt the same dizzy surge as the night before.
We only done it a couple of times after this and his interest passed onto the girls in our class but Iíve never forgotten this first introduction into the pleasures of the foreskin.
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« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2009, 07:33:39 AM »

BuzzUncut's story reminds me of my first time with another guy.  When I was in my first year in high school, the boy who lived next door (he was straight and uncut) seemed to be interested in my uncut penis.  We used to go walking together after school in the prairies around our houses.  Somehow we got interested in each other's penis and started masturbating each other.  We did this almost daily.  Both of us had been masturbating alone for about three or four years, but we found out that  playing with each other very satisfying.  This went on for a couple of years, until he found a steady girlfriend and I found more interesting gay guys to play with.
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