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Topic: Truckers Foreskin (1)  (Read 3431 times)
« on: April 23, 2007, 05:22:42 PM »

Hello, I jjust found this story in my archive from former communities involved in foreskin fetish.
I want to share it to you :

Truckers 4skin

Ken Warden felt his nerves begin to loosen up as he pulled onto the interstate and headed for home. Others complained about commuting, he knew, but for him it was always relaxing, particularly the homeward run. There was always the promise of a short stop at the rest area midway in his drive, and that meant the possibility of meeting someone. It was far from the best way of doing it and sometimes he felt cheapened by it, aching cock and hungry mouth meeting, a few hurried strokes and the taste of cum; but it was the best way of bringing himself down from a hectic day at work when it happened. And it did happen often enough to keep his hunger fairly well satisfied. Someday "true love" would come along, he figured...if only he could figure out what the hell that meant!

As he drove, he flashed through his mind the faces of those he could remember: a couple of truckers, John and Bob (whatever their real names were), a couple of locals, the two guys from someplace down south, the black guy who gave him his first taste of dark meat...There were more, of course, and he smiled to himself when he realized that the only ones he really remembered were those who were not cut, and all others seemed to blur together into one.

For some reason he couldn't explain, he'd had a hang-up about that ever since. He had always resented having been circumcised. So much so, that at one time he had contemplated taking the life of the doctor who had mutilated him. That had been a rash and wild dream, to be sure, but his frustration only grew when he learned that the old man was already dead. That was probably the reason he tended to gravitate toward uncut partners. Even back in the days before he had really understood the forces that were at work within him, he had felt drawn to guys whom he knew had foreskin. He supposed now he had felt he was sharing with them in their foreskins and in that way made up for the loss of his own. He even tried to figure out how the word came into being, remaining ignorant of the origin despite his efforts. But it hooded the crown of manhood...and that intrigued him to no end. He envisioned the sprawling body of a young man clad only in his unbuttoned shirt with his half erect cock, the gleaming head cloaked in a long foreskin and his own groin would stir and swell at the thought. He imagined his fingers encircling the shaft and drawing the naturally lubricated sheath back from the smooth, pink bulbous head and his lips pressing around the cockhead that was perpetually bathed in natural male secretions. His cock instantly pulsed at the thought. (...)
(To be continued in Part 2)
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