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Topic: unexpected encounter - to last a lifetime  (Read 5012 times)
« on: February 07, 2011, 03:14:51 AM »


In the '70's and I an a hydrologist named Ben went on a geological assignment in the outback to map an aquifer. It was a 3 day drive to the mapping site. The first day was at the end of sealed roads where there was a small village - the last vestige of civilisation. The next 2 days would be on dirt roads and finally on vague tracks in the desert. We found a small motel in the last village and rented a room for the night rather than unpack our 4x4 of this camping gear. We had a steak at the local pub and by 8 pm and 12 hours driving already were ready for bed. The 2 beds were 3/4 size with thin blankets with a almost unusable en suite. We biota crashed into each bed..but both awakening about 2 hours later form the cold (deserts can get really cold at night). We both got up and were about to put our clothes on when Ben said why don't we just bunk in together and share the blankets we had and our own heat. Each of us nude we pilled into the small bed (both of us are over 6 foot tall). We cuddled up spoon fashion to each other with Ben in front of me.  Yes, it sure was warmer and I was dozing off whenI noticed than Ben was quietly weeping. At first when I asked what was the problem he said "nothing", but I was disturbed. Amid real tears he finally told me that "he has an erection and he said that it was wrong of him to of reacted like that and that I'd probably hate him". I have to admit I had a 1/2 hard on but had moved away a little so that it didn't poke him in the back.  I laughed (or rather chucked) and I said " so what mate, welcome to the real world". Ben's tears had stopped and he chuckled lightly and unexpectedly he moved his head slightly and lightly kissed me on the cheek. I then moved my right hand down to his midsection and indeed found he had a raging hard-on. I lightly stoked his wet penis (from pre-cum) and he shuttered - and began to protest again - saying that it wasn't right. True we each were married with 2 kids, but there was an attraction between us. Ben then wriggled around so that he had his head on my shoulder and he then found my hard-on too, which was also a little wet with pre-cum. Ben was also a little puzzled when he handled my member as it is intact and he'd never encountered such a thing.

Despite that both of us had had farewell sex that morning from our spouses, we were like 2 randy teenagers finding each other. I'd been fondling Ben for some time now and I could tell he was close to orgasm  - so I asked Ben to relax and lay back a bit despite the small bed space, and let me bring him off…and off it did shoot hitting the wall, his head and the last 4 shots on his chest and tummy. His orgasm was so intense he momentarily blacked out and gasped for breath…. upon calming a little he eagerly wished to reciprocate and make sure I too came to orgasm - which i quickly did as well, Grabbing a sweaty shirt off the floor I wiped both of us clean and with that we rolled on our left side and spoon fashion and didn't awake until after dawn the next day, each with a piss hard-on. We wordlessly packed up our travel packs, had a quick breakfast at the pub and was on our way again, this time on dirt roads.

Little was said when we swapped drivers about 10:30 am and both of us were quiet until we parked under about the only tree for Kms around near a  dry creek bed for some lunch and to top up fuel from the drums were were towing. We still had sandwiches from the day before and we'd boiled the billy for a cup of tea. Ben leaned back against the tree and said, " I suppose that you don't want me around any more - so let's see if we can get this mapping job done quickly and get back to home base". I replied, "you got to be kidding me, what has just happened between us has moved our friendship of 5 years to a much closer and more intimate stage. Feel happy that we both have the ability to 'share' our most intimate feelings with each other". Ben had tears in his eyes again.

Ben seemed happy with that and the rest of the afternoon we chatted like we usually did for further 450 ams, our next and final stop en-route to our project area.

That evening we had to partially unpack to get to the tents, sleeping bags and cooking gear. Ben began unpacking the 4x4, then paused, turned around and quietly asked "we only need a single tent and a double bag sipped together don't we?"

I chuckled, grabbed him in a big embrace and said "sure". That night we explored each other more physically and verbally with no sense of guilt, but that we were sharing an incredible experience.

 We never did use the second tent, and after a few days we had to invert the zipped together sleeping bags and hang them over a bush to air and dry out!! The project went swimmingly well. And we had a swimmingly good time personally as we frolicked in a remote water hole not seen on any map, dry off nude in the sun. In fact we did a few days of clothes optional too, whenever the bushes were low or there was only sand dunes.
Here we are 40 years later. Each of us have grand kids too that we really adore, but we still have time for private times together - just as intimate as the first encounter.

For me I have always g0y..we just didn't have a name for it - nor needed the term. I simply have many friendships with 'fringe benefits'.

More to come
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« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2011, 03:27:53 PM »

That sounds very hot, this more coming?
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« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2011, 09:58:56 AM »

  I have to admit that I am a bit 'jealous' of you and your close close friend.  I have no such relationship with
any other man, and I really miss it.  I did a lot of playing around with other guys in the years gone by, but
they were usually only 'one night stands,' if I may  use that term in that goy environement.  I missed the chance
when I had been with a really neat clean responsible considerate and discreet guy.  I really enjoyed fondling
him to erection, and he doing the same to me.  He liked to bury his face in my chest hair and lay on his stomach
with this hard cock, which pointed upward anyway, firmly planted against my thigh, where he would hump back
and forth and really work up a real sweat, and I would take over with my hand and help him go the rest of the
mile........  I asked if he cared if I had a friend or two to play with, and he ended our relationship because he
had understood that we were going to be monagomous and not play around.  I still get sad feeling that I screwed
up an opportunity like that.....  I admit I was living dangeroulsy, becuase I did not practice safe sex back then.
And he was strong enough and respected his body enough to not risk any STD or HIV in his life.  I have never
seen him since our last time.  And IF he POSSIBLY might read this message and say, that sounds like my
experience with......, I hope he is happy and firmly connected with another guy that he can enjoy for the rest
of his life.    Safe sex?  Do not play without protection.  Hetero guys and gals may have bareback sex, but they
very frequently end up having to get married.   So, if I do it with another guy 'we' won't get pregnant.  HOW DO
YOU KNOW THAT HE IS   C L E A N  AND FREE OF STD  +/or HIV.  Proof is in the results of lab testing.  Most
city wide health clinics offer free testing for STD and HIV.....  I took the test after our relationship ended, and
I WAS NEGATIVE.  And I still wear a condom, even with oral........
   Enough.  This was a really warm sharing of how two men can be close and yet be married.......I do not condone
it but, I am gay and like another guy for a sex partner.
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