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Topic: Urinal Masturbation  (Read 8073 times)
« on: April 09, 2009, 11:53:27 PM »

Urinal Masturbation

It was late and the mall was nearly empty.  I didn't need to piss that badly but I always made it a habit to stop by the men's room, since the urinals there didn't have separators.  This was what I termed a “happy toilet”.  It gave me the opportunity to check out the local cocks.

   I wasn't expecting anything this time due to the lack of shoppers.  I went in anyway.  The urinals there were my favorite kind: waterless, small, with no “wings” to hide one's genitals.  There was one guy already there.  I placed myself to his right, with one urinal between us (the “respectful” position, not too close for comfort but not too far to seem paranoid).  It gave me an ample vantage point for some eye candy.  He had a typical White American cock: medium-sized, light-colored with a slight pinkish hue, head was roughly the same circumference as the shaft.  And, of course, the familiar light-brown circumcision scar encircling his penis about an inch behind the glans.  It was rare to encounter another foreskinned organ like mine in this country.

   I unzipped and pulled out my uncircumcised penis, glancing at him without turning my head.  He didn't seem to pay any attention to me, shook, tucked it back in, and proceeded out the toilet without washing up.  I was disappointed that he didn't even peek at my dick, me being an exhibitionist and all.  Oh well, there's always next time.  I proceeded to retract my foreskin away from my glans and let loose the stream.

   A few seconds later, I heard the door swing open.  Great!  More peeking opportunity!  A Hispanic-looking guy walked right up to the urinal immediately next to me.  I got madly excited!  This was a blatant invitation!  He promptly pulled out one of the thickest cocks I've ever seen.  Even though it was probably almost 5 inches long flaccid, it looked stubby because of the huge girth.  What was most impressive was the enormous head, stretching out his thick foreskin.  The ridge formed a clear separation between the glans and shaft.  His foreskin ended in a tight spout.  An uncircumcised dick was a rare sight in the US, and I was thrilled to have this opportunity!  The guy began to piss without pulling back the foreskin.  I was envious of his spout.  My foreskin was too loose to attempt the action.  I would end up with urine on my pants.  My thin stream of piss, unhindered by skin, ended as his, thick and round, started pouring out.

   I couldn't help the beginnings of an erection.  I shook my dick quickly, before it could point straight up.  In a few seconds I was fully erect.  All 4 & ½ inches of my pathetic Asian cock stuck out 45 degrees from my belly.  It was humiliating as it was exciting: my erection was barely as long as his totally soft penis, and not even as thick!  His shaft skin was a light olive color, a few shades lighter than my dark brown organ.  He finally glanced my way as he finished pissing.  He shook his dick vigorously, the heavy head flopping about from side to side.  He then squeezed his spout of foreskin several times to eliminate the last drops of urine.  After this, he began pulling back the thick, luxurious foreskin.  A rose-colored glans peeked out of his foreskin spout, glistening with moisture.  His foreskin slid over the thick ridge of his corona with a “popping” action and bunched up at the neck of his shaft.

   By this time, I was beyond shame and was masturbating to the sight of this man's gorgeous cock.  He watched briefly as I massaged my loose foreskin back and forth over my engorged purple glans between my thumb and two fingers.  His own organ stirred but he just held it in his fingers, in a proud display, almost to say: Look at what you DON'T have!  It took him a little longer to gain a full erection.  As his penis slowly filled with blood, it became obvious why: the monster cock was as long as it was wide!  It looked to be 8 inches hard, nearly TWICE my length.  The glans was even wider than his impressive shaft, its corona flared beyond the wrinkled bunch of foreskin.  The glans even had a slight indentation in the middle, giving it the appearance of a Triceratops head.  A rare trait indeed.  The erect penis had a slight upward angle, despite being so large and heavy.

   I was thoroughly awed and shamed by such a dominant organ.  To add to my humiliation, the bastard decided to pull out his balls as well.  They were a perfect match to his monster cock: the testicles large as eggs and suspended in a thick hairless scrotum, a slightly darker olive to his shaft skin.  He let go of his genitals all at once; his balls flopped loosely against his thighs and the penis swung from side to side.  The smiled and nodded at me.  I understood and pulled out my own gonads.  My testicles, by contrast, seemed tiny: each globe about a third the heft of his.  And my scrotum had the same dark brown shade of my penis.  My sack held tighter against my body, giving it a more juvenile look.  My genitals looked like that of an immature wanking boy next to his proud manhood.  My foreskin bunched up behind the purple head looked extra wrinkled and almost black compared to his  beautiful tan penile skin.  I felt my face flush, completely humiliated.

   The guy finally decided to join me in masturbation.  I couldn't tear my eyes away from the spectacle.  He used one hand to stroke his dick while the other cupped his sensitive testes.  The balls filled his entire palm.  I fondled my own tight scrotum.  The man's foreskin was so tight it popped forward over his glans with each upstroke.  His fist travelled all the up and down the long shaft, aided by his gliding foreskin.  My own organ was too short for full-fisted masturbation.  I had to use the boy's method of thumb and forefinger.  Luckily I was uncircumcised or I would have a hell of a time wanking!

   I had only masturbated for a little over a minute, but I felt the orgasm approaching.  I was so aroused, I couldn't stop myself.  I have always been a fast ejaculator.  The familiar tension spread over my body.  The veins bulged on my shaft.  My glans grew a deeper shade of purple, so engorged it looked ready to burst.  My strokes became faster and shallower.  I concentrated on rubbing the foreskin over just the corona of my head.  I exhaled loudly as the orgasm hit me.  My penis erupted in ejaculation: spitting stream after stream of semi-clear semen.  My essence splattered the bottom of the urinal in a gooey mess.  My cock was still twitching as I milked the last drops of sperm from the meatus.  My erection had already begun to subside as I looked once again to the Hispanic guy.

   He was still stroking his monster steadily as he watched me.  His expression was clear: Done already??  I didn't mind finishing first, it gave me more time to concenrate on his cock.  I let my genitals sit outside my pants to air-dry as I continued to enjoy the show.  He must have stroked for another good 6 or 7 minutes before he came.  Soon enough, the telltale signs appeared: the labored breathing, the arching of the back, the more frantic stroking.  I didn't think his dick could get any bigger, but that it did.  As orgasm neared, the veins strained against his olive shaft.  His gigantic acorn of a glans grew impossibly larger and an angry shade of red.  The skin of the glans was so tight with pressure that it reflected the light!  He stopped popping the foreskin over his glans.  It seems he has glans sensitivity during ejaculation as well.  That's the ONLY thing we have in common!  He used the glans as a stopper, bumping his fist against it as he continued to masturbate the foreskin along the penile shaft.  His scrotum was also tighter against his body, although it still had enough slack to swing around.  I'd always loved loose hanging nuts!

   He seemed to stay on the verge of orgasm forever.  I thought his dick was going to explode from all the pressure and rubbing!  Then, he finally grunted, furiously pumping his foreskin.  He stuck his penis further out as it vomited a geyser of semen.  His fluid was much thicker than mine, and a creamy white color.  My own semen seemed almost clear and slimey compared to his.  The monster cock spewed rope after rope of ejaculate, completely covering the back and bottom of his urinal.  He must have cum nearly a quarter cup!  I guess those huge testicles are efficient sperm factories!  The bottom of the urinal looked like a bowl of yoghurt.  His orgasm lasted a good 15 seconds, more than twice as long as mine.  Another example of his superiority!  How envious I was!

   He milked the last few thick droplets of cum from his cock, kneading the entire shaft from the balls to the head.  When he was done, he let his organs hang while his erection diminished, all the while smiling at me.  When he was sufficiently soft, he rolled the foreskin back over his glans and tucked the entire package into his pants.  Without a word he walked out.

   I was left with my own dark, shriveled genitals poking out of my underwear.  I knew I would have another frantic bout of masturbation when I got home, dreaming of that gorgeous Latino uncircumcised penis!
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« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2009, 05:35:05 PM »

My only urinal masturbation that comes to mind is when I visited this porn shop on my way home from work one day.  I was cruising the DVD's when the worker came out from behind the counter to put some boxes back.  He was a young mexican guy and he made his way over to where I was and started to put the movie boxes back on the shelves.  He ran out of boxes then he started to arrange some of the boxes and would make tapping noises getting my attention.  It bacame anoying but then I soon realized what he was doing.  I took the box that I had in my hands and proceeded to show it to him.  On the back of the box had a picture of an extremely large completely shaved uncircumcised cock hanging between the legs of a beautiful transexual.  I asked him if he liked that kind of cock and that was what I liked.  He wasted no time and told me that he was uncircumcised and had a nice large cock with long foreskin just like the picture.  He told me to follow him into the urinal where he dropped his pants to show me.  I was excited and dropped mine too to show him that I was also uncut but wasn't as long and thick as he was.  He was a good 8 inches, thick with lots of overhang and short trimmed hair.  He said he was the only one working so we had to make it quick.  We both took each others cock and began to jack each other off.  It was like jacking our own cocks off but different feel and size but we both knew how to do it.  Not only did we do it good but we also did it very fast.  We each took turns shooting into the urinal then we quickly pulled up our pants and headed out one at a time.  We both went on our way as if nothing had happened.

It was nice and fast but I wished we could have taken more time.  Oh well, a few more visits and I was able to run across him working once again. 
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