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Topic: Artificial Phimosis - My Method  (Read 2197 times)
« on: April 03, 2009, 04:41:03 PM »

I actually want phimosis......

I have gotten mine to tightnen up quite a lot...... I straighted a paper clip heated it up with a flame and and burnt a line around my penis on my foreskin where I wanted it to tightn up... I did this with the foreskin retracted as it was easier to make a straight and contineous line.....  then I pulled my foreskin forwards into its normal postion and do not attempt to retract it for several months.... this results in a ring of scar tissue that contracts and tightens as it heals......  I just have to leave my foreskin pulled forward now and it is continually tightening to the point where it will be totally unretractable. it is still a work in progress at this stage.

I looked everywhere for a way to achieve tightening foreskin on the internet but found nothing...... So I researched causes of adult onset phimosis and scaring was one of the common causes so that is what I have done.... scared my foreskin. If anyone knows of any additional methods to achieve phimosis.... I would love to get mine to tighten up faster lol

WARNING...... it is very painful..... and I accept no responsibility for any result that is achieved, or damage done.

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