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Topic: Keeping the Foreskin Retracted  (Read 3913 times)
« on: December 02, 2008, 05:14:19 PM »

Hey guys,

        Ok, so before I start, let me get one thing straight, I love foreskin, my own and anyone elses.  I am, however, also forever interested in doing new thing to my penis, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advise on how to keep my foreskin retracted in every day life.  I have use a tape method that I found online, and it doesn't give great results.  I do however like the feeling of my super sensitive bare glands rubbing against my pants as I go about my daily business.  I am a college student, and I love to go to class with my foreskin skinned back.  There is something exciting about the discomfort of my glands being unprotected whether I like it or not.  The tape method I have found however, doesn't work very well.  It leaves my penis looking unnatural, and sometimes by the end of the day it leaves the inside of my foreskin (which has been exposed to my cloathing) sore and rubbed raw.  I was wondering if anyone knew of a better way to do this.  Something easier perhapse.  I dont' want to get circumcised! but I love the feeling.  Also, my glands is relatively small and soft, and my foreskin is pretty long which makes it naturally difficult to keep behind my penis head.  Any advise would be much apreciated.  Thanks:)

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« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2008, 09:53:39 PM »

Hi Mate - I guess I'd ask the question first - of why ever would you want to keep it skinned back?? To keep it retracted for the glans to rub on clothing makes for stimulation to erection and evokes erotic dreams alright  - for a while anyway, until the glans become less sensitive and more dried out.  I think a LOT of intact guys try it for a little while in their teens/twenties usually by tucking the foreskin back behind the rim of the glans. In your case, your generous prepuce will likely double over and try to cover the glans (and hair get caught in it too). Once tried a few times most guys kind of let what nature endowed them with remain. Further I have a friend who at about 25 y/o decided that his glans were small and that his prepuce had inhibited their growth (being envious the pix of the really fat heads in the galleries) so took himself of to find a surgeon (which he had a lot of trouble finding). The deed was done -  now 20 years later he's mid way through a restoration procedure - TO GET SOME SENSITIVITY BACK and his head didn't grow one tiny bit.... But to try to answer your question, I have noticed that some cock/ball rings do gather a lot of shaft skin behind the ring and often , especially when erect thus often the glans are exposed. It's fun and it's erotic.  But stay away form any knife!!
Have fun with your member!!!
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« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2008, 09:51:31 AM »

To Isomer,

Can understand why you wanted to keep it uncovered.  I didn't want to look different so I did the same thing when I was younger, but after a few months found that it feels better and more sensual with the foresking covering the head.  You have a beautiful foreskin and should be proud of it.  So many men have been mutilated (circumcised) and many wish they still have a foreskin.
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« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2008, 10:43:40 AM »

Hello again ISOMER!

As I've noted in other posts, I had an extremely sensitive glans (painful to the touch).  After I started wearing my foreskin back permanently, the glans toughened up & now it feels good.  Before this, I could only masturbate by rubbing the foreskin over the glans.  I couldn't touch the glans itself.  Sex was also uncomfortable.  I could never cum, because it was painful, not pleasurable.  I don't know if many other guys have experienced this or if it is a condition.  But I "cured" myself!  If I leave my foreskin unretracted for about a week or so, the sensitivity returns, so I keep it pulled back.  Unless I'm at the urinals or changing rooms & want to show off my foreskin!

I'm fortunate that my glans is bigger in circumference compared to my shaft, so the foreskin more-or-less stays in place.  But I DID have the same problem of having my inner foreskin rubbed raw by my underwear.  This led to some swelling of the foreskin.  I didn't use tape (ouch!).  Instead I used a bit of surgical gauze to wrap around the foreskin just behind the glans & secure it with the fastener (the stretchy things they use to secure the gauze).  I did this for a day or 2 and then exposed for a day.  I repeated this process until my glans toughened & the swelling went down.  Now it holds its place.

Hope this helps!
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