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Topic: meeting Robert part 2  (Read 3498 times)
« on: July 26, 2006, 10:59:39 PM »

Well after he said he was coming back later waited around all day in anticipation but he never showed so that evening thought I'd go back to where I met him in case he was back there. Well he wasn't there but there was another cute lad there-tall with dark hair and very good looking. I said I wasnt really looking for sex but would he like to come to the casino with me. He said sure and off we went. Again my luck wasnt in with cards but the lad was good company. His name was JP and I took him back to my flat. He had a nice enough dick-thick and about 8 inches with a foreskin which only retracted slightly when erect. Well he had no problems getting hard and gave me one of the best blowjobs I ever had. I blew him at the same time and it was only a minute or two before he came gushing large spurts into my mouth. This got me going and just after that I shot my load into his mouth. He wasnt too fussed about that and just grinned and swallowed. The next day I took him back to Durban and he took me around a few places and had a few beers together. He said he'd give me a call as he'd like to spend a few days with me. We went to a pub that had pool tables and had a game of pool. Then my phone rang. It was Robert! "where are you? I came by your flat today but you weren't there" I said I was in Durban but could be back in Amanzintoti in an hour or so. He said he'd phone then. I was so excited to hear from him. As I said JP was vey nice but we didnt click like I had with Robert so finished off the game of pool(I won) and dropped JP off at his flat. Gave him a bit of a bonus and drove straight to 'Toti. As I got there the phone rang and I found out where Robert was and collected him. "You see I told you I'd call didnt I" were his first words to me." Hmm but I was expecting you to come yesterday" I replied. He said he had slept all day and wasnt in mood to see anyone. Anyway we then went to a nice pub he knew and had a couple of beers and played some pool and he said he had an action cricket game on that night and did I want to come watch him and then afterwards we could go to a club. That sounded good to me and I went and watched him play but as it was the first time I'd ever seen the game didnt really have a clue what was going on but was just happy being there with him and the promise of what was to come as he'd said he'd spend the night with me. After the club we got back to flat and had few more drinks and then retired to bed. By this time I had found out what his drug problem was - he'd got in with a bad crowd and started taking heroin and was basically workin as a rent to feed his habit. He said he was sick of it and as I'd had some experience with junkies maybe I could help him. I said sure although I know its generally a pointless exercise as the drug has such a powerful psychological effect on users. The physical side takes only a few days to wear off but its the mental aspect that takes years to get over if ever. Well Robert hadnt taken long to shaje off the effects of the drug and got an erection immediately. As he'd been sweating earlier there was a nice taste to his dick and it only took a few licks of my tongue before he started writhing and bucking and shot a big load into my mouth. I'd say it was probably the first time he'd come in weeks as the drug takes all your sex drive away. He then took my dick in his mouth but I have to say he wasnt a very good giver of head as his teeth kept scraping me uncomfortably so I said for him just to give me a wank which didnt take long as I was so intoxicated with his youth and beauty. Just holding his perfect lightly tanned body that night was even better than sex! Well he came to see me most every day and we shared lots of adventures - then one night he said lets get some coke and then I'll let you ride me cos I know you've been dying to do it and I really want to do it for you as you've been so good to me. Well wasn't too happy bout giving him drugs cos I know how one thing leads to another but that cute ass had been driving me crazy for days so eventually gave in and we got some coke,snarfed a bit and went to this gay club. It was absolutely heaving being a Fri night but he was easily the sexiest boy there. He told me afterwards that every time I left him alone he'd get guys trying to chat or feel him up. It was just too crowded to be fun although I enjoyed all the envious stares so we didnt stay long and went back to my flat. After snorting a line I went at his ass. Got it nicely lubed and managed to get three fingers up and decided he was ready to get his first fuck. He knelt on the bed with that cute ass sticking in the air and I started trying to get my dick in. He moaned with pain so I said do you wanna stop-he says no just give me another line. Well that did the trick and he opened up nicely. As I got my dick all the way in he was grunting a bit but said dont stop now I really want you to fuck me. I was in heaven - it was just one of the best sensations of my life and it didnt take more than a minute before I shot my load. I just lay there with my shrinking dick still up his ass until he wriggled and said he had to clean up. I then discovered he'd come too although neither of us had touched his dick. I'd only once before had that happen so was nice to know he has a very sensitive g-spot.
Well we had loads of adventures ,road trips and as I was due to be returning to Ireland shortly he asked if I'd take him with me.How could I resist? Brought him here 6 weeks ago but things are not working out as he's decided he's straight after all. The last time we had sex was quite memorable though as while I was giving him head I stuck a finger up his ass and, when he seemed to be enjoying that, put two up which again he didnt complain about and when he came I could actually feel the orgasm in his ass. Guess that'll have to be my final memory of him as he's due to fly out in few days and we're barely speaking. Was a great holiday though. Heard from JP a few times. He wanted to meet up but had my hands full so maybe I'll meet him next time I'm out there. Well hope you enjoyed that was all true by the way so those of you over forty dont give up hope just yet!
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