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Topic: Meeting Robert  (Read 3598 times)
« on: July 25, 2006, 05:29:09 PM »

About 2 months ago I was on holiday in South Africa and one night was feeling especially horny(not to mention very bored) and decided to go out for a bit of adventure. I was in Durban at the time,which is a city on the east coast, and went into one of the hotspots but it was absoluely dead being a Tuesday night. When I came out I asked the car guard where do all the rent boys hang out and he told me just up the road near the snake park. I cruised up there but didn't see anyone interesting enough to fork out cash for so went along to the casino a bit further on. They say if you're lucky at cards you'll be unlucky at love and vice-versa. Well cards didn't work for me so went back to the snake park beach and this time there did seem to be someone rather interesting so I drove up. This young  guy comes over and asks if I'm looking for company. He was extremely cute with surfer shorts on and cut away t-shirt. I asked him what he'd do and how much. Just about anything he says blow job whatever. I asked him about his dick and he said its quite a nice size. I then asked him if he was circumsized. He says "No. but I'm clean" Well didn't need any more persuading so told him ti jump in. As we were driving he asked where we were going and I told him Amanzintoti, which is a town just south of Durban. Thats a coincidence he says thats where I live so you wont need to bring me back here tomorrow. While we were chatting I noticed he seemed bit spaced out and asked him what drugs he was on. Just a few joints he replied but I wasn't really buying that and was telling him of my best friend who had od'd on heroin a year earlier. He told me his name was Robert and seemed a bit nervous,kept asking what I liked to do sexually so I tried to allay his fears by saying" nothing too strange or kinky" although I had already planned it that he could blow me first , then I wanted to ride him and if I was still horny enough he would then ride me. He said he was 22 yrs old (although he looked 16) but turned out he is actually 22, has brown hair with highlights, amber/green eyes and very kissable lips. We got back to my flat and he again was very nervous and kept trying to delay getting into the bed with requests for more beer and another cigarette. Finally he stripped off and I was rewarded with the sight of his soft but gorgeous dick with lots of foreskin. He tried shaking his cock to get it hard but I said no let me make it hard and proceeded to suck on his flaccid 5" cock. Well it was clean enough but still had a nice taste and in the meantime he was sucking my dick and balls and it wasn't long before I shot my load into that gorgeous mouth. He was not best pleased -said no-one had done that before but I figured that I cant be the only one who's lied about when he's gonna come. Unfortunately despite my best efforts couldn't get him hard and eventually said we'd leave it til morning,confirming my suspicions about what drugs he had taken, as I give very good head! Next mornong did manage to get him hard and his 5"dick grew to a respectable 7" although not wide but perfect to me. The druga had taken their toll tho and despite my best efforts couldn't make him come. I was still horny as fuck and asked if I xould ride him. He said he'd never done it before but I could try. Well he had the cutest ass-real bubble butt with just one small pimple on it and loads of hair round the hole. I lubed him up nicely and could tell he was a virgin as he complained every time I tried witjh more than one finger. My dick is quite large and although I tried getting it in a few times he was really moaning with pain so eventually let him be and settled for a nice jack-off. He said he had to go back to his parents but said I was so interesting he wanted to see me again and maybe we could hang out together as he could see I was a bit lonely. I am 42 yrs old but he very flatteringly said he thought I was in my late 20's or early 30's! Anyway he took my cell number and said he'd be back later....(will continue tomorrow if anyone is interested)   
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« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2006, 07:13:49 PM »

Nice story...please continue. 00000004
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