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1  Foreskin Stories / Childhood Stories / Re: Repost: Tight foreskins on the rise? on: February 03, 2016, 04:28:45 PM
Well even here in the cut happy USA, I consider myself extremely lucky as my mom and dad didn't get me in when they were suppose to and asked my doctor to have it done when older but I found out he wouldn't do it unless he found a problem.  It explained why I was always last to be looked at as my brothers were cut. It would always be a long tedious exam down there.
2  Foreskin Stories / Childhood Stories / Re: Repost: Tight foreskins on the rise? on: January 21, 2016, 06:01:29 PM
That is funny that you bring this up about Australia.  I belong to the site: and on that site you can IM or chat with others that are also online from all over the world.  It is mixed so you can talk to both men, women, couples, transsexuals, whatever.  I have been chatting with a lot of people from Europe, Canada, and Australia because I have better luck and people who understand about the intact penis.  I rarely chat with anyone from the USA but recently get into circumcision discussions with the Australian friends.  The few that are circumcised are from an older generation where the intact ones are of a younger crowd.  The men in Europe who are cut is because they had an issue.
3  Foreskin Stories / Adult Foreskin Stories / Re: Porn on: January 21, 2016, 05:55:04 PM
Yes you are correct but I have found out that I am a little more extreme than the others when it comes to experimenting and finding new, different things to do and use on my foreskin.  The few intact guys I have met were all blown away with my imaginative foreskin play and creative toys I have shown them.
4  Foreskin Fiction / School & College / Re: BEING UNCUT AS A KID on: January 21, 2016, 05:50:45 PM
Oh don't get me wrong.  I enjoyed my foreskin when I was a kid.  I experimented with it often it was when I began to met the opposite sex is when I realized it was going to be a problem growing up intact in the cut happy USA.  The guys gave me issues because I could never roll my skin back and keep it there on it's own to hide it like most of the other guys did.   The women really knew how to make me feel uncomfortable, shy and embarrassed.  In sports the guys on my teams shared all the same group of girls but as soon as one found out about me the word got out and it was difficult for me as all the other guys were all circumcised and the women thought that was how a cock should look like normal.   
5  Foreskin Health / Phimosis / Re: Almost got circumcized on: January 03, 2016, 04:04:45 AM
"I almost got circumcised 4 times during my life"

1. When I was born I was premature and was re-scheduled to go back in later for a cut but my parents procrastinated and missed the appointment.  I grew up with brothers and a father  who were circumcised.

2. When I got older and my parents took me in for yearly check ups but later I found out the doctor wouldn't do it unless he found a problem but never did.  this explained why I was always the last one in there while my brothers got to leave and wait for me to get out.

3. When I tore my frenulum I found out the ER doctor understood me and prepped me for a circumcision.  I expected to have my frenulum re-sewn back but he explained it would continue to tear causing life long problems and since it was easier to circumcise me would take care of the big picture later in life.  At the age of 18 was so in tuned with my foreskin as it was the only thing that I spent a lot of time making me feel wonderful.  I knew I was not ready to be without it as I still had many things I still wanted to experience with it.  Instead I agreed to have the remaining frenulum cut back to prevent future tears and he threw in a couple stitches and sent me home.

4. When I met a like minded, uncut, circumsexual urologist who took me to his office to shave, inspect and placed a gomco clamp to my foreskin.  Before I agreed to going in I made it clear to him no matter how turned on I get and demand him to do I would not leave there without my foreskin.  I got so heated up in the role playing and when he finished shaving me and giving me a complete exam while we went through detailed discussions on the different cuts and styles and what and where and how the foreskin would get removed along with viewing hundreds of before and after patient pictures he numbed the area slightly before putting on the clamp.  He tightened it a little more every 5 minutes or as comfortable it was for me.  He took the scalpel and jokingly asked me to just give him the okay and all he had to do was run the scalpel quickly around the clamp and it would be done.  I was so horny I gave him the okay and it was me who was trying to pursued him into dong it.  Now that I look back on it I chalk this experience in the almost getting circumcised category. 
6  Foreskin Fiction / School & College / Re: Docking on: January 03, 2016, 03:41:08 AM
Does anyone get a twinge or weird feeling in their foreskin when you see or hear the word docking.  I have found myself get that feeling when I'm just around a dock with a bunch of boats around them or watching a space flick where they dock with another ship.  Sometimes these become subliminal messages and it makes me want to go out and physically look to get docked.
7  Foreskin Fiction / School & College / Re: MY UNCUT FRIENDS on: January 03, 2016, 03:37:11 AM
I don't have many uncut friends that I keep around most of them are being at the right place at the right time one time encounters and that is because I don't usually run into many guys who are uncut living in the USA.
8  Foreskin Fiction / School & College / Re: BEING UNCUT AS A KID on: January 03, 2016, 03:33:28 AM
It was difficult being uncut as a kid.  I could never retract and wear my foreskin back to try and blend in because back then I had a rather tight fenulum and no matter how much I try to keep it back the tightness would always find a way to pull the skin back over the exposed glans.  This happened all the way up into High School where all of my jock buddies were all cut and teased me about it.  Mainly because we were such close friends but it didn't help me at all with the girls as we all shared them.  They were being passed around between us and the ones that have experienced me some how get the word out to the rest of the girls and if anything I would get a hand job or fuck while wearing a rubber.  Good thing back then I was able to give myself head and usually looked forward to getting home to take care of myself.
9  Foreskin Stories / Adult Foreskin Stories / Re: docking on: January 03, 2016, 03:26:25 AM
Hank, that looks and feels familiar.  I remember being at the river where you can find and see naked men lay around sun bathing.  As much as I look for other intact guys there is never any around but as soon as they spot a foreskin on me they won't leave me alone and it usually ends in such a picture.  Wink, wink!
10  Foreskin Stories / Adult Foreskin Stories / Re: Porn on: January 03, 2016, 03:21:46 AM
Let me tell you about porn.  I rarely visit the porn shop but some times when I do I always look for and check out the DVD's that have some picture of an uncut dick on it or I would clearly rent some gay or trannny stuff to do with uncut, foreskin cocks.  The clerk was putting away movies and I didn't realize he was standing behind me looking at what I was searching for.  I checked out as I usually do and when I got home I found a note in one of the DVD's from the clerk.  Evidently he reviewed my rental history and found out that I was interested in videos with uncut men in them and thought that I had a foreskin fetish which I do but anyways,... He said if I wanted a real live foreskin to play with he could help me out as he was uncut himself and had never ever run across anyone that was so curious about uncut porn as I was and is why he approached me the way he did.  I was embarrassed and returned the movies through the night drop so I wouldn't have to go inside.  I never went back but I got into a dry spell and was real horny one day plus the opportunity came up as I was alone and by myself for a week as my family left to do their own thing.  I texted the number and he responded with sending me picture of his uncut cock.  It was huge twice my size and still with a very long foreskin covering the tip.  I couldn't wait to meet at his place.  He was dumb founded when he found out I was also uncircumcised but very excited as we spent the week together experimenting and showing each other our toys and techniques.  Although he worked at several shops where one can readily get toys he was amazed at all of mine I brought over for show and tell.   
11  Foreskin Stories / Adult Foreskin Stories / Re: any masterbaiting tips? on: January 03, 2016, 03:06:54 AM
Yes, yes, yes I experimented with jacking off with condoms.  It brings back great memories when I was able to buy my economy size box of condoms.  It was an endless amount at first to experiment with because I never used them fast enough as I hoped with the women.

Let me tell you about my latest masturbation technique.  I created a foreskin retainer I formed from new bike inner tube and I would wear it to hold back my foreskin real tight.  It was the next step from having to jack off while holding back my foreskin with the other hand.  Now I could use both hands to do other things.  I love the ability to adapt my masturbation to either enjoy being cut or uncut when I want to.  i do notice the difference when I ejaculate between the two techniques.  While remaining intact and enjoying the movement of my skin I could make myself cum several times but when I cum when fully retracted I can see and feel the head expand real big and the power or pressure build up within and then all at once feel the eruption and the long and far shots of cum flying across the room or almost hitting the ceiling when laying on my back in bed.  I would only get one full explosion and that's about it.  I do have another odd phenomenon and that's when I sit on the toilet and aim my erect cock into the bowl while I jack off.  I could do this while intact or wearing the foreskin retainer.  This method results into a long stream of cum draining the pipes and the feeling is as if I was peeing but instead I was peeing cum.  This would also drain me completely and I know because no matter how hard I try or wait I could not squeeze out another drop.
12  Foreskin Stories / Childhood Stories / Re: Mutual masturbation. on: January 03, 2016, 02:53:54 AM
The best memories about mutual masturbation is where we get behind one another and do the reach around.  This always allows us to pretend it is our own uncut cock we are playing with and jacking off.  We take turns doing each other its more natural this way.
13  Foreskin Stories / Childhood Stories / Re: Tugging my foreskin. on: January 03, 2016, 02:50:33 AM
My wife knows my foreskin and what to do with it and when.  Those moments when laying in bed she would reach over and play with my foreskin.  Sometimes I would fall to sleep with her flicking and pulling on it.  Other times she would grip the tip closed with her finger tips and just give it a quick wiggle and pulls here and there.  She does this long enough she knows she can get me to cum while pulling and wiggling my foreskin real fast causing me to breathe harder and harder before pushing me over the edge and making me cum inside my stretched clamped tipped foreskin.  It sure makes for easy clean up.
14  Foreskin Stories / Childhood Stories / Re: My First Retraction on: January 03, 2016, 02:45:36 AM
I was never ever able to retract and keep the foreskin back behind the head.  During school I never could get away with keeping it hidden to pretend to be cut to blend in with the others.  Until one day when I tore my frenulum and had the remaining cut back to prevent further tearing.  After all healed up I remember my first time being able to retract my foreskin fully and it stayed back on it's own until I tugged it back forward.  I remember watching the head appear and then the foreskin popping back behind the corona.  Before I would pull further only to cause the head to be pulled down ward but this time the foreskin just kept rolling back and back and back until I was able to pull it all the way back.  If I had a longer dick I'm sure I could have pulled it back further.  Oh what an experience.
15  Foreskin Stories / Childhood Stories / Re: Phimosis on: January 03, 2016, 02:39:03 AM
Although where I live in the USA I rarely run into uncut guys to play with but I happen to get a chance to meet and play with a fellow phimossed friend.  It is amazing what little movement I needed to do to get him to cum quickly.  I was also happy I was able to share my retractable foreskin for his play experience.
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