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1  Foreskin Politics / Uncut Principles / Re: Frenulum praeputii to remove! on: October 31, 2015, 11:48:35 AM
@ Lexi : Here's my own experience :

At this time, it was no Internet, and no information too. I don't know exactly why, but since starting masturbation, at teenage, certainly as some other guys, I was intrigued by the frenulum. I discovered I had most of pleasure if I stretch it was I pulled down the foreskin. When I went to boarding school, some guys said frenulum was the male virginity. I was 15 years at this age. And as the guys said it, I believed them. So, I was a shy boy too, and was anxious to have my first encounter with a partner who saw I was virgin. So regularly, I tried to brake the frenulum myself with hard stretching on it ! Somtimes it was painful ... but give me some extra pleasure too !!! Unfortunately for me, the frenulum was resistant, and did'nt rip. An evening, In the same time at school, an other dorm mate who heard the same explanation about frenulum, took a razor blade, went to the toilets and there, and cut through his banjo string ! So, he had a painful intensive bleeding, and the supervisor had to look after him. Everyone made fun of him after that.

So I was afraid after this companion experiment ! But, in my head, I was preoccupied to loose "my virginity". And I continue to stretch regularly on frenulum during masturbation with a vain and secret hoping it would tear ! Without success ! And ... I had my first sex meeting. It was with an 72 years olderman. I told him about the frenulum and showed me he was uncut but had NO frenulum. But, he explained me that is not a "Virginity losted sign", but his own decision, to have a better foreskin pulled down. It explained me how to do, and whith my agreement, started to cut off my frenulum. First, he pierced it whith a thin needle, and pass a thread through. Then, he tied the thread thight on the conjonctive tissue. It was uncomfortable, but not really painfull. He said "That's all, you have just waiting now" ! After six days, the thread slowly had cut through the frenulum, and falled down during the shower. I taked a look : The frenulum was properly cut absolutely without bleeding ! Luckily, it was not very large and only one cut was necessary. Since this day, I get a fully foreskin retractation and never regret to do that ! On the contrary, I advised several friends to get the same way. It is better for retractation an for the look too.
2  General Annoucements / Member Introductions / Re: Welcome 4skinlover! on: October 21, 2015, 05:36:25 PM
Hi ! Thank you very much Tommy. I'm back ... some years ago, I was a member a your excellent website. But I've lost my nickname and password ... so i send you a new register request.


4skinlover. Smiley
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