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Title: Frenulum praeputii to remove!
Post by: Lexi on May 29, 2006, 02:50:59 PM
I am uncut however the Frenulum praeputii to remove can I only recommend.  The advantages are:  1.  The foreskin can be pulled further to the rear, thus a larger stroke is possible with the Masturbation and the foreskin is more mobile.  2.  The Penis looks better, since the foreskin can be pulled nearly fold less to the rear.  3.  The Penis leaves itself much better to cleanings.  I removed the Frenulum with three interferences completely, according to the following method.  Condition is cleanly and sterile works, i.e. hands and Penis thoroughly wash and the interference place sterilize.  First I dipped the Penis approx. 5 min into ice water, afterwards one does not notice the cut.  After that sterilize the Frenulums I with sharp shears the Frenulum in the centre up to Glans (acorn) lower surface cut through.  It does not bleed something a panic.  Next I inserted a sterile textile role into the wound and the foreskin closed (wound sticks together otherwise).  Then I locked the foreskin with a strip tape and a Preservative put on, if still something blood withdraws (which the case was not).  On the next morning I opened carefully the foreskin, urinary (the bleeding had already stopped) and after repeated to disinfect for the wound a new textile role inserted and the foreskin again closed.  But so which I can open the Tape easily to the urinary.  After one week the wound was already so well healed which I again carefully masturbate could.  By the way the pain holds itself within limits is easy to bear.  After some months, after which the wound had healed well, I have only the remainder of the Frenulums on the Glans under side, and after that that had healed well also on the foreskin inside according to the same method far away.  Finally I cut a triangle out as it were.  With the result I am very content
Much fun!

Title: Re: Frenulum praeputii to remove!
Post by: Lastman on September 29, 2006, 10:00:02 AM
One might call you a fool! You removed the best part of your foreskin, where thousands of specialized nerves are gathered to give you pleasure. I was cut as a child but am so grateful the doctor left me my frenulum. It feels great and now that I'm restored, I have great sensitivity in my frenular area. When I was a teen with a raging hardon and during a raging masterbatin session, my frenulum tore from the glans. It hurt like hell. As a result, I can stretch my foreskin almost to the base of my cock but still have the frenular nerves! Why remove it? In many places in the world, men tear their frenuli or have a doc just cut it to release it. Removing it totally seems a bit extreme and unnecessary.

Title: Re: Frenulum praeputii to remove!
Post by: bobbiedoc on December 08, 2006, 11:25:17 PM
I stand by what" last man "said, Do this and turn yourself into a sexual cripple.
The frenulum is one of the most sensitive parts on your body, and it serves a very importantant function by acting as a governor on the forward stroke, limiting your stroke length to the way your partner requires it.
Once you have reached this point your 20.000 erogenous nerves of your foreskin have rested and are ready to fire on the rearward stroke..back up and enjoy it.then forward to fire them again and so on and so on

Title: Re: Frenulum praeputii to remove!
Post by: Mahelf on April 28, 2007, 05:52:50 AM
One of my former lovers once phoned me because he had just teared his frenulum while too strongly masturbating when waiting for his girlfriend in her home !
He was afraid because it bled very much, while the pain was rather easy to endure.

I adviced him to clean and protect the wound while going and seeing a doctor - in order to check the look and the new status of his frenulum - but he refused both these advices : he didn't want to face a surgery proposal by the doc, and he really wanted to make love with his girl as soon as possible, even with his cut frenulum !

Some days later, he assured that he had maked love without any problem - I didn't believe him - and that his splendid cock - that I miss a lot ! - was as sensitive and functional as before, with even a little more pleasure in fully retracting it now...

Title: Re: Frenulum praeputii to remove!
Post by: Silverbear1 on November 18, 2008, 04:41:07 PM
Not a removal at all...but when 22 y/o vigorously jacking off whilst bored to tears in a bush camp (supposed to be working), my frenulum tore a hurt slightly and there was drop of blood, I quickly washed in soap/water and pulled the foreskin over the head...and did not jack off for a few days. But when I looked at it again about day 4 I noticed that my foreskin could be retracted significantly further back along the shaft - (which i liked a lot). I'd always felt my frenulum was 'shorter' than my other friends - so liked the outcome.  A year or 2 passed and again I was in a similar situation, and after a vigorous jack off an other tiny tear happened mid way on the frenulum. Rather than stop again this time, with an ultra-sterile scalpel (from an extensive medical kit), I enlarged the natural tear.  Repeating what i did after the first time - I again had a good self examination 4 days later...and yes, least an extra retraction (maybe an inch more) could be attained.  Pleased. I left any further attempt to cut...mind you NOTHING has been removed and all the nerve bundles remain - AND the sensitivity is extra great. Since then I enjoy stretching the foreskin back when 'playing' or jacking off and am pleased with a full retraction as possible. Certainly the underside of the foreskin is ultra-sensitive....more 'play options..

Title: Re: Frenulum praeputii to remove!
Post by: Viridian22 on November 18, 2008, 11:15:22 PM
I'm only now noticing how old a lot of these posts are =P  I hope I'm not gonna end up just talking to myself here!

But to the point, I never really thought about this until I came here, actually.  Looking around I noticed some posts and some images of foreskin doing wonderful things, and when I try to do it myself I can't.  I've always had a somewhat short frenulum, but I never gave it a second thought.  Whenever I skin myself back tight, the skin doesn't pull all the way smooth, that little thin bit of skin pulls taut, and if I pull enough, actually pulls my piss slit down so it's a little more on the underside of my shaft.  Of course if I pull too hard it hurts quite a bit.

I don't think I have the fortitude to cut it or anything, but I'm definitely going to try and start stretching it out so I can hopefully, eventually, pull my skin all the way down.

Title: Re: Frenulum praeputii to remove!
Post by: UCEDHM40 on July 21, 2009, 05:35:29 PM
Yes, I had a very tight frenulum too.  I was 18 at the time and was experimenting with my first penis pump.  Little did I
know, the cylinder was a little small to accommodate my circumference.  As I was using it, I noticed as I increased the suction, the cylinder would engulf my penis and slide down towards my balls.  At the same time, it would retract my foreskin further and further back.  I have done this many times and realized it helped to stretch my frenulum.  After a couple months, I got into a heavy masturbation session and got carried away.  I went over board on the suction because the strong suction was tightly pulling and stretching my frenulum and it was taking me over the edge of cumming inside the tube.  Something I have never done before.  I had always pulled out and watched as I ejaculated on my stomach and chest.  As I continued to pump, I had shot my cum inside the tube and at the same time felt a pop and the tube engulf my entire shaft into the tube and burying the end deep into my pubic bone and balls.  I realized what had happened when I noticed blood mixed with semen.  I quickly removed the tube and inspected my frenulum.  The tube had stretched my frenulum to it's tearing point and had torn my frenulum half way down to the base of the underside of my glans.  Worried, I cleaned myself up the best I could and headed down to the emergency room. 

I explained to the nurse that I tore it while having sex with my girlfriend.  The doctor examined me and told me that it could not be sewn back because it will tear again and to my surprise gave me the choice of cutting the rest down to the bottom of the glans to ease full retraction or full circumcision removing the foreskin along with the frenulum.  At that point I knew I didn't want my foreskin cut off or any more of my frenulum.  After all, I quickly learned that it was the stretching of my frenulum that would trigger my ejaculations.  I questioned him to give me info on both and he stated that cutting the frenulum back was common and done all the time.  Where circumcision was irreversible and a personal preference and explained while using my cock and foreskin as an example.  He showed me what parts are removed for high and low circ freehand or assisted with tools and clamps and the out come of each procedure.  It was the first time talking about circumcision with some one handling my cock made me erect.  I couldn't hide it from the doctor that circ talk and the thought of losing it forever would become a fetish for me.  As much as it turned me on, I opted to just have the frenulum cut back for full retraction.  He got the circ tools put away and replaced them with a scalpel and needle and thread.  I watched as he numbed the area and began to cut back the remaining attached frenulum.  Sewn in a couple of dissolvable stitches then cleaned and bandaged me up. 

It healed in 1 week and in 2 weeks I was back to masturbating with my new cock.  My foreskin was tight from the shock but with a little manipulating, I was able to fully retract my foreskin all the way back with no restrictions.  Before it would pull the tip downward but it remained straight and erect.  I admired how clean and smooth the underside looked.  I looked tightly circumcised when fully retracted.  I was never ever able to wear my foreskin retracted.  My glans had never been freed from staying trapped inside the foreskin.  In time, I did notice the glans had expanded and wasn't pointy but blossomed and became full and thick.  This caused a tightness problem kinda like phimosis issues that caused little tearing at the tip of my foreskin that hurt like hell.

Another trip back to the doctor and this time I was afraid the only option would be circumcision since option 1 was already done.  He had mentioned he had the same issue (he was uncut too) and he had found that with some ointment and finger stretching with normal daily masturbation would fix my problem.  Finger stretching?  Show me I said and he began to show me using his fingers on my foreskin.  2 fingers inside and he was pulling and tugging.  He said to work with 2 then 3, then 4.  The more I was able to stretch the better it would be to allow the glans to fully expand.  I said my glans was expected to expand more?  He said he worked his up to 6 fingers inside in order to keep his fully covered and unrestricted when he was erect.  I don't remember me asking him if I could see and before I could snap out of it, he had his cock out and showing me with a full on demonstration.  explaining that he couldn't fully demonstrate on my tight and sore foreskin.  He was erect and showed me how much of an overhang he had and how easy his retracted.  Fully retracted, I got to see how big his glans had expanded.  He had a big and thick knob.  He pulled his foreskin back forward and started out inserting 2 fingers stretched pulled and tugged and then worked to 4 then 5 and then six while pulling and tugging in between adding more fingers.  He finally stood there with 6 fingers shoved deep inside his foreskin.

I couldn't wait to get home and start stretching.  I enjoyed stretched every day and found it easier while taking a shower.  I was determined to get 6 of my own fingers into my foreskin.  It only took me a couple of weeks.

Till this day, I still continue to use a cock pump and no matter how much it pulls back my foreskin, it will take my entire cock with no frenulum hang ups.  Using the pump really made my cock head expand.  Under my foreskin you can see the big knob.  I love to watch it as I slowly retract and watch how my foreskin hugs the knob.  Then watch it slide over down and behind the corona.  Snapping behind the head and slowly disappear down my shaft.

Title: Re: Frenulum praeputii to remove!
Post by: ineedforeskinloverMom on May 30, 2014, 08:40:21 PM
there are many methods for Frenectomy / Frenuloplasty.

The least damaging is the so called Z shaped frenectomy, I'd choose that if I would still had mine.
more here:

pros and cons of having the frenulum removed:
the foreskin will roll all the way back, and you can play folding it back outside in, inside out,
it will not retract to the head of the penis, just rolls around the base of the head.
while getting a blowjob, your partner can run the toung all around the head, while your foreskin is rolled on the head.

I've lost mine when I was in my early 20-s, after a love crush, being depressed with low self esteem, I was doing clubbing to try to hook up with any other woman. At one of the parties met with a posh rich and good looking mature woman, she was constantly watching me, so it was obvious that she is intrested. She moved up on me, and bought a few drinks for me and was kind and giving attention and couraging words. Since she was wearing a top and no bra I have noticed that she had nipple piercings, and that caught my fantasy. I was feeling strange by then, but in my mind the curiousity has overcome, wanted to see more from her. At some point from the nothing she told me to follow her to her place, what I did so, altough my conciousness was slightly failing. I recall leaving the club, and getting into a car, the next memory is from her place that I'm in a dark room, with continously collapsing toughts. Some point lights turned on, I was sitting in a sex chamber. She brought a glass of water, I drank it without questioning as I was thirsty, then she told she has to leave for a short time, so just rest. Some time later she came back and was wearing only a robe, I felt excitement, but my mind was feeling very numb (I was drugged by her). She got me naked, when she saw my foreskin, she was amazed by it, telling she had never seen an uncut cock. She brought a camera and placed it beside the bed I was laying on. Examined it closely, played with it between her fingers. She started to stroke my cock hard, but from time to time I hissed as she pulled my foreskin back too hard and causing pain. She stated that my frenulum is too thight and that is giving me the pain, (it was not thight, she was stroking too hard) so it needs to be cured. Went away and then returned with a board, ordered me to sit thight on the side of the chair and fastened my hands an legs to the chair. Placed the camera closer, focusing only on my penis area. She put antiseptics on my cock and my foreskin, then took a clamp and placed it around my frenulum and rolled my skin on it. she pulled the foreskin away from my cock with the clamp, and examined it that way. Then she pinched the top of my frenulum between her fingers, took out the clamp, and rolled my foreskin halfway down. Then picked up a large diameter piercing needle placed it to the deepest point of my frenulum. A fast move, sharp pain, the needle went trough my skin, the pain perished away fast. Then the clamp was put back on my frenulum, it was not a confortable feeling, as the foreskin was pulled away from the head it was giving pain. The next this was that she took a scapel and precisely cut off my frenulum from my dick all the way till the needle. It Hurt A LOT! I was roaring from the pain,  then the skin was cut off on the other side of the clamp. Pain again, and then she lifted the clamp, a small piece of skin hanging on it, what was my frenulum a few seconds before. She put antiseptics on again and bandaged it, saying now in a few days it will be fine, I don't have to worry. She gave me some more drugs and knocked me out. Some days later I got my conciousness back, as she was keeping me knocked off. 'How is my favourite sex toy?' - she asked when saw me awake - 'lets see how well you healed' - took off the bandages, and rolled my foreskin back, it went down all the way, the cuts healed up completely. 'What an amazing uncut cock my new toy has! As I told no more pain when stroking it.' She started to wank me off and kept going untill I came. I was kept by her for a while, basically as a sex toy slave, she loved to suck my foreskin onto the head of my dick and then press her tounge under it and roll around. Other times she just stroke me out, till I came.

Sometimes I wish that this have not had happened with me, but then I calm myself with that everyone has crazy times in life.

Title: Re: Frenulum praeputii to remove!
Post by: Jagtstein on October 23, 2014, 11:22:09 AM
I've removed the frenulum praeputii itself, with the result I am very satisfied. I have never been able to find any impairment in sensation (sensitivity). The visual impact, I think it is very good (see pictures). The surgery is now back 45 years, so I mean to judge. I do still think it was a good idea to make the frenulectomy.
As I have explained the procedure (frenulectomy) 45 years ago, even there was no Internet. So I had no information, and everything had to find self. It would have been completely wrong to go to a urologist and ask him for this procedure that should be done so only for aesthetic reasons and because I wanted the foreskin, pull for better masturbation further back. Medical reasons were not available. Similar reasons are certainly now be the decisive engagement, who is relatively harmless competitors themselves. Extreme hygiene and care is necessary, however. Of course luck was that it all went so well. But it was not only luck but also careful with it because I had to re-cut several times to obtain the known result. Incidentally, I have never had a problem, and I am still very happy with the result. Emotional loss, I can not determine.
 :00000008: :00000008: :stretch:

Title: Re: Frenulum praeputii to remove!
Post by: UCEDHM40 on October 24, 2014, 06:08:29 PM
Yeah Jag, It was unfortunate for me at the time when I accidentally tore mine completely back from a heated jack off session using a vacuum pump.  At the time I thought the world was over because I had ruined my foreskin.  After healing, I soon realized how much better it was and no loss of feeling.  Before that I was not able to retract fully or wear it retracted as the frenulum would pull the foreskin back forward to recover the glans.  After the healing, I was able to wear the foreskin back and realized by doing this allowed the head to expand.  Perhaps it was being restricted and trapped inside the foreskin all it's life that it didn't have the opportunity to expand.

I am much more pleased today as I am able to fully retract to display what looks like a tightly circumcised cock with a huge mushroom head.  Before the tight frenulum would dip the head downward.  I am also able to dock with another cock without the frenulum getting into the way.

Title: Re: Frenulum praeputii to remove!
Post by: 4skinlover on October 31, 2015, 11:48:35 AM
@ Lexi : Here's my own experience :

At this time, it was no Internet, and no information too. I don't know exactly why, but since starting masturbation, at teenage, certainly as some other guys, I was intrigued by the frenulum. I discovered I had most of pleasure if I stretch it was I pulled down the foreskin. When I went to boarding school, some guys said frenulum was the male virginity. I was 15 years at this age. And as the guys said it, I believed them. So, I was a shy boy too, and was anxious to have my first encounter with a partner who saw I was virgin. So regularly, I tried to brake the frenulum myself with hard stretching on it ! Somtimes it was painful ... but give me some extra pleasure too !!! Unfortunately for me, the frenulum was resistant, and did'nt rip. An evening, In the same time at school, an other dorm mate who heard the same explanation about frenulum, took a razor blade, went to the toilets and there, and cut through his banjo string ! So, he had a painful intensive bleeding, and the supervisor had to look after him. Everyone made fun of him after that.

So I was afraid after this companion experiment ! But, in my head, I was preoccupied to loose "my virginity". And I continue to stretch regularly on frenulum during masturbation with a vain and secret hoping it would tear ! Without success ! And ... I had my first sex meeting. It was with an 72 years olderman. I told him about the frenulum and showed me he was uncut but had NO frenulum. But, he explained me that is not a "Virginity losted sign", but his own decision, to have a better foreskin pulled down. It explained me how to do, and whith my agreement, started to cut off my frenulum. First, he pierced it whith a thin needle, and pass a thread through. Then, he tied the thread thight on the conjonctive tissue. It was uncomfortable, but not really painfull. He said "That's all, you have just waiting now" ! After six days, the thread slowly had cut through the frenulum, and falled down during the shower. I taked a look : The frenulum was properly cut absolutely without bleeding ! Luckily, it was not very large and only one cut was necessary. Since this day, I get a fully foreskin retractation and never regret to do that ! On the contrary, I advised several friends to get the same way. It is better for retractation an for the look too.