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Title: Docking
Post by: Hank5 on August 23, 2014, 03:48:36 AM
I attened a boarding school at high school. In grade 12 my roommate and I were close buddies and often would talk about sex and reminisce about the sexy girls. We started playing sex games, for example to see who could cum first when masturbating, or who could shoot cum the longest distance (I usually won).
We are both straight, but one one swapped hands for mutual masturbation - me bringing him to a climax, he bringing me to a climax. This happened at least weekly thereafter.
One way we tried cock docking. We rolled back our foreskins and held one glans against the other until they touched. He rolled back his foreskin, covering both his and my foreskin. I did the same, rolling back my foreskin over his foreskin, thus docking both dicks together. Man, it was erotic - being coupled to another guy by the penises.
The first few times we never masturbated whilst being docked together. When we became limp, we would give a few strokes of the joined foreskins to restore an erection. Afterwards we would undock and each masturbate himself, or give each other a mutual handjob until ejaculation.
We made certain to unroll the foreskins before undocking. I hate to think what damage could have been done if we were surprised by an unexpected visitor and tired to jerk away....!
Once we did get so far as to masturbate whilst being docked together. I still (now, many years later) think back to the first time we ejaculated together and our cum filled our foreskins, making them balloon.
We never went any further (no mutual oral sex, or anal sex) and today are both happily married. Sometimes, when we chat over the telephone, we would reminisce about those days. I believe every straight guy should also try sex interplay with a close buddy.  >:D

Title: Re: Docking
Post by: UCEDHM40 on August 26, 2014, 09:40:13 PM
This has nothing to do with School or College but a most recent docking experience.  I have to admit I find more adventure from my gym than I do at the bath houses.  Mainly I get a lot of interest from circumcised guys.  I catch them looking trying to get a glance at how I work my foreskin when washing in the shower.  There are very few of us that I have seen who are intact/uncut/uncircumcised/natural etc.  There is this one gentleman I have seen and he is of a Hispanic decent and has a very long, thick cock as most of them do.  I would say he is a good 6.5" flaccid with a nice long tapered overhang.  I keep myself shaved and not shy but he was well trimmed.  Better than the other married guys walking around with jungles between their legs.  Each is their own but the times I would run into him we would take turns checking out and comparing each other.  He definitely had me in length but I gave him a run in thickness and long foreskin.  The next day I saw him I said hi but he acted like he didn't know me.  We finished as always ending up in the showers.  I entered and he had his back to me soaping up.  I began to soap up and saw that secret over the shoulder glance he would give me so I just turned around and gave him something to look at.  I really worked my foreskin good this time for him to see.  I gave him the motion your turn and waited for my show.  He turned and I about shit right there in the shower where I stood.  It was his face, body but not his cock.  It was completely circumcised!  I felt more embarrassed and confused at the same time.  I could not believe what I had just seen so I quickly finished up and headed out.

Walking to my car I got interrupted and as I looked to see who was calling me it was him again but I didn't know if it was him him?  He introduced himself and apologized because he knew I confused him with his twin brother.  We talked and he had told me that he was circumcised because he had an issue when he was younger and that he and his brother  would mess around together and mess with other people, couples and dates.  Because he was circumcised, he has a high interest for other intact guys such as his brother.  I told him I really liked his brother's cock and foreskin.  He said he did to and they would play together in long jack off explore sessions with one another.  He said he would be interested in getting the three of us together.  I was indeed interested so we set up a time for us to get together at his house since his brother was married with children.

A couple weeks went by and I looked but didn't see any of them at the gym before our meeting day.  I knocked on the door and both of them answered the door.  I could not tell the two apart unless they were both undressed.  Same statue same mole on the cheek pretty much the same hair cut and wardrobe.  Even the married one didn't wear a wedding ring.  They said they both like having a threesome with other uncut guys but most of them have short or none retractable foreskins, too small or skinny but said mine was just perfect from what they saw at the gym.  Fat with a long covering foreskin great for docking.  Docking I said?  yes docking.  Why didn't you say so in the first place as I had plenty of experience docking with cut and uncut guys.  Cut twin went to work on my foreskin as I went to work on uncut married guys foreskin.  I masturbated a lot thinking about his big cock and foreskin for a long time now and here it was for my exploration.

I got the two brothers together so I can look at their cocks and compare.  They were both 8.5" long and thick with a big mushroom head.  Only one was hidden behind a long tapered foreskin.  The other stood out, flared head, no wrinkles excess skin or anything bunched up behind the glans.  His circumcision was invisible.  I couldn't tell or see his scar and he had no frenulum at all.  He had a nice and tight circumcision.  After my inspection they gave me a hand getting off my knees.  We all three stood there with our cocks all in the middle.  Mine not so prominent sticking out on my 6" glory compared to their 8.5" cocks but I had a long covering foreskin.  The fun began starting with the twins.  They showed me what they do when they docked with one another.  I worked my foreskin good while I watched.  Then the cut brother said it was our turn.  He went back and forth alternating between his choice of two long foreskins.  He stretched me good as they both were a little thicker in the head than I was but my foreskin loved it and had no problem taking him fully.

I've had my share of letting cut guys fuck my foreskin and I took control and pushed cut brother aside and it was my turn with uncut married brother.  I think he felt the same way as he was always fucked by his brother or other guys and never had the opportunity to put his cock fully into another man's foreskin.  Even though he tried with the other uncut guys they had over but none of them had a long foreskin like we had.  We both retracted all the way back and put our heads against each other.  Then I worked my foreskin over his big mushroomed head.  My foreskin already stretched from the workout his brother gave me.  He then finished the job by sealing the two foreskins together doing the same.  Cut brother got his hands around both of our joining skins and worked our foreskin back and forth giving each person equal stokes.  At the same time his other hand was stroking his cut member.  It was a rhythm to be admired as he had more shaft to cover on his brothers than he did mine but it was all of equal sensation.  He could tell we both were ready to explode by our panting, moaning, thrusting motions and then tightening buttocks.  We said don't stop and he immediately knew what to do as he worked himself up to speed.  He jacked faster and harder keeping good pressure on the right pressure points.  Our heads flared and we could feel his grip getting tighter as we both shot loads and loads into our joining foreskin.  Cut brother exploded and his semen shot across the room and hit the wall.  I have seen this to be a common occurrence with our cut brothers as they do not have the foreskin getting in the way of their ejaculations.  To our amusement we noticed no leak between us, we had a tight sealed foreskin to foreskin locked together balloon filled foreskin full of cum.  It was an amazing experience.

I have yet learned anything more about their other experiences.  I'm sure as time permits, I will be told.  All I know is that cut brother shares his intact brother with his girlfriends and they have had threesomes with other cut and uncut guys but none of the cut guys could give them the experience they were looking for with me.  As us two uncut men have wives we seldom have time to get together but when we do it is always amazing.  Trying to find the right window of opportunity to get my wife to participate in jacking two uncut docked guys?  She loves a nice big uncut cock as much as I do but I have learned to be patient and wait for the right moment when you know the chemistry is just right.  That's how it works with women.  Besides, just like them we have had our share of disappointments.   I know she would not be disappointed when she meets uncut twin brother.

Title: Re: Docking
Post by: DavidJohns on August 28, 2014, 05:27:52 PM
WOW!  What else can I say?

Title: Re: Docking
Post by: Hank5 on September 15, 2014, 10:53:35 PM
Amazing story of the twin brothers.
The following short extract represents some of the most erotic stories on
" Our heads flared and we could feel his grip getting tighter as we both shot loads and loads into our joining foreskin.  Cut brother exploded and his semen shot across the room and hit the wall.  I have seen this to be a common occurrence with our cut brothers as they do not have the foreskin getting in the way of their ejaculations.  To our amusement we noticed no leak between us, we had a tight sealed foreskin to foreskin locked together balloon filled foreskin full of cum.  It was an amazing experience."
Tell more!

Title: Re: Docking
Post by: Hank5 on January 13, 2015, 12:46:47 AM
There is this nice "how to do it" video on penis docking, highly recommended:   (

Title: Re: Docking
Post by: DavidJohns on January 19, 2015, 06:28:11 AM
Wow!  This link is the hottest and most educational explanation of docking for everybody that I have ever seen!  I made up the term "double docking" for two intact guys doing it, but now I know the "official" terms of "full," "half," and "wet" docking -- official terms at least according to this anonymous poster.  Thanks for sharing it in here!

Title: Re: Docking
Post by: Hank5 on January 19, 2015, 11:08:06 PM
I am somewhat surprised that docking seems to be rather unknown in many parts of the world. I can understand it that in those countries where male circumcision is routinely performed it may be the case, but it seems to be one of the best kept secrets of the intact penis world. Where I live 95% of boys are left intact, and docking is a popular activity during the growing years when boys tend to experiment with things sexual. I myself never regarded docking with a mate as a homosexual only act; just some sexual interaction between two curious boys and the eroticism of being cojoined with a buddy through penis bonding.  :biglaugh:

Title: Re: Docking
Post by: Hank5 on January 22, 2015, 09:22:11 PM
Apart from full, half and wet penis-penis docking, the solosex version is penis-finger docking:


Title: Re: Docking
Post by: UCEDHM40 on January 03, 2016, 03:41:08 AM
Does anyone get a twinge or weird feeling in their foreskin when you see or hear the word docking.  I have found myself get that feeling when I'm just around a dock with a bunch of boats around them or watching a space flick where they dock with another ship.  Sometimes these become subliminal messages and it makes me want to go out and physically look to get docked.