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Title: Gloryhole
Post by: tutataskinlover on June 24, 2009, 01:40:16 PM
Quick story about my glory adventures, I lived on queens NY
and commuted to work into Manhattan
I walked by 42bd st every day, if you have not been there
know that it is the adult book store capitL of the world
there is rows and rows of book stores and adult theaters
anytime I had a craving for cock, sperm or assfucking I could get it
here 24 hours a day 7 day per week.
My routine would consist of going out getting a couple drinks
get worked up by some sluts  and then walking to a video store
love the fact that all the guys and sometimes girls loned up along all
the booth where there for two reasons only; to feed on cock or to be fed cock
I usually just pulled my hooded cock and stuck in the hole and let some strangers
slobber on my hood until o was ready to pop, I would make my rounds through all the booths until
I found a mouth that knew how to worship a long hooded cock
usually you can tell when a guy comments on your overhang ; yum, wow, foreskin or something like that
other times I would grab my overhang and streach it open as wide as I could then I
would stuck it in the hole and wait for guys to come in and stick their cocks inside of me
they would grind and pump their cocks inside mine until cum was spewing out of my streached out
cock walls. I am usually a top macho m fer but if felt the need to feed on cock
I would only service uncut cocks with lots of overhang, I would let the guys outside the booths know
that I wanted to feed on overhang and that cut guys should not to bother
I would hit a bottle of poppers sit down and wait for the first hood to cum through the hole
I gotta say I turn into a pig bottom boy when I have foreskin in my mouth or asscunt.
I  would slurp and chew on hoods as they came in, lot of guys don't last a long time so I would have
to get a belly full of cum in order to have an overhang in my mouth for a couple of hours
this was a good routine that I miss much.
Now I live in a small town that has only two gloryhole so I try to
make it there as much as possible


Title: Re: Gloryhole
Post by: hotmilf on June 27, 2009, 10:55:06 AM
love your story stud!! i love gloryholes too!! my husband use to take me to the local adult store and watch me on my knees suck and swallow alot of uncut cock every friday nite, befor he passed away! he liked to help the uncircumcised men feed me thier hooded manmeat and rub their cocks all over my face and he would jack off thier foreskined cock as i licked into their hoods!! those were the days!

Title: Re: Gloryhole
Post by: UCEDHM40 on November 17, 2009, 06:05:49 PM
I've always had a circumcision fetish and the guys I know know about it.  One night at a private glory hole that we all know and talk about I stuck my uncircumcised rod into the hole like I normally do and the adventure started off as usual.  Sucking, stretching, nibbling and stroking was all in order.  Then as it got heated up, I heard conversations about filthy cock and foreskins were nasty etc.  The pleasure turned to pain as they began to pull on my overhang and pinch and slap it.  It shocked me at first but then turned to pleasure.  I was leaking pre cum more and more just wondering what they would do to it next.  The voices got louder and I soon realized it was a guy and girls voice back behind the wall.  One had a firm grip at the base making it difficult to pull it back through and the other hands roughly stretched my foreskin.  Talks got louder and all I can hear was he needs a circumcision.  I then felt a cold tool placed onto my cock and then I felt my foreskin being tightly stretched and then a crushing pinch around my foreskin.  They tugged on the tool with my cock and foreskin attached to it.  Jerking me off that way until I felt my foreskin go numb.  I heard the switchblade open and felt the metal tear around my foreskin.  It was enough that I could still feel it on my numb foreskin.  There it's done the guy behind the wall said and I felt the clamp release me but my foreskin was still numb and I couldn't feel it.  The woman jumped into place and began to suck my bare glans.  After all that just happened I was still swollen and it didn't take me long to cum.  They let go and I was finaly able to pull out and the first thing I did was inspect my cock.  My foreskin was still there but numb and retracted back behind my glans.  It was exciting but scary at the same time.

I never talked about it but a long long time later I found out it was a friend and his girlfriend of some friends of mine who knew it was me and played a trick on me knowing about my circumcison fetishes.     

Title: Re: Gloryhole
Post by: lollipop2 on October 19, 2012, 07:59:42 AM
"BOING!"...thanks for the boner... :00000010:

Title: Re: Gloryhole
Post by: DavidJohns on October 12, 2013, 05:32:05 PM
UCEDHM40, I hope you are able to enjoy your natural cock and not want it to be altered.  It looks great to me!

Title: Re: Gloryhole
Post by: UCEDHM40 on October 24, 2013, 04:30:52 PM
UCEDHM40, I hope you are able to enjoy your natural cock and not want it to be altered.  It looks great to me!

I hear what you are putting down.  It's a hot fetish fantasy I have aquired after my near circumcision experience when visiting the emergency room.  I had torn my frenulum durig one of my feverish JO pumping sessions at the ripe age of 18.  Role play, reading and writting about circumcision is one of the ways I get full enjoyment from my natural foreskin.  From age 10 till now, I feel I am still finding that there are endless possibilities that I am still open to seaking new experiences and enjoyment with it.  Unless it becomes medically necessary will I ever see myself getting circumcised.

Title: Re: Gloryhole
Post by: native tex on November 03, 2013, 07:01:25 AM
Great story!  There used to be several hot gloryholes on 6th St. in Austin, TX.  My biggest pig night was 12 - and 8 of those sported 'skin!